Subnautica Console Commands

these subnautica console commands will help you
If you can't beat them, cheat! (Image via Unknown Worlds)

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If you’ve found yourself flailing desperately around in Unknown World’s submersive survival game, we’re here to throw you a lifeline. Thanks to Subnautica’s console command system, you can enter all manner of codes to get you out of trouble when exploring the depths of planet 4546B. And the good news is that they’ll work on all the current versions of the game, from PC to Switch.

Before you can enter the codes, you need to open up the console:

  • PC: Press F3 and uncheck the Disable Console tickbox. Thereafter press tilde or ENTER to bring up the console
  • PS4: Press L1 + R1 + X
  • Xbox One: LB + RB + X
  • Switch: L + R + A 


Note that a number of the Subnautica console commands listed below will require item codes or spawn IDs [NAME]. You can look them up in this excellent player-maintained database.

Spawn Commands

Command Description Format / Example
spawnnearby Subnautica’s equivalent of ‘unstuck’ – moves player a short distance away
item [NAME] [#] Add an amount [#] of item [NAME] to the player inventory item stasisrifle 1
spawn [NAME] [#] Spawn an amount [#] of item [NAME] in front of the player spawn titanium 15
sub cyclops / seaglide/ aurora / escapepod  Spawns Cyclops / Seaglide as above / spawns Aurora behind player / spawns Lifepod at sea level with player inside sub escapepod
cyclopsupgrades / seamothupgrades / exosuitupgrades Gives player every Cyclops / Sea Moth / Prawn Suit module  exosuitupgrades
exosuitarms Gives player every Prawn Suit arm exosuitarms
bubbles Spawns bubbles of air around player
filterwater / filtersalt Spawns Large Filtered Water / Salt from every Water Filtration Machine on map filtersalt
spawnloot Spawns Quartz, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Salt Deposit, Gold and 4x Metal Salvage.
tools loot Spawns Repair Tool, Seaglide, Flare, Transfuser, Propulsion Cannon, Stasis Rifle. Also attempts to spawn a “BuildBot”.
madloot Gives player Survival Knife, Habitat Builder, 3x Battery, 4x Computer Chip, 5x Creepvine Sample, 10x Titanium and 10x Glass.
bobthebuilder Assigns Habitat Builder, Scanner, Survival Knife and a Repair Tool to inventory. Also enables fastbuild, unlock all, nocost, fastgrow, fasthatch and radiation
resourcesfor [NAME] Spawns the resources requires to craft [NAME] resourcesfor knife
ency [NAME] Unlocks [NAME] database entry. (ency all unlocks every entry) ency Crabsnake

Note: database entry must be capitalized as a single word
nocost When toggled on Fabricator, builders and bays will not require materials to craft.
clearinventory Empty player inventory of all items

Heath / Damage Commands

playerinfection [#] Set stage of Kharaa Bacterium infection 1-5 (5 = cure.  playerinfection 5
cure [#] / infect [#]  Cures / infects player and all creatures of / with infection
takedamage [#] Reduces player health by # percent
instagib Toggle that allows player to kill creatures with one hit
nodamage Toggles creature invincibility
noenergy Toggles power usage for all vehicles and tools, as well as seabases
nosurvival Toggles Food and Water requirements if in Survival or Hardcore modes
oxygen Toggles use of Oxygen when submersed
nitrogen Toggle that allows more time underwater, but increases decompression sickness
radiation Radiation toggle
invisible Creatures will treat player as invisible
lldetach Removes larva from all vehicles

Speed / Warp Commands

filterfast / fastscan / fastgrow / fasthatch Reduces the time to successfully use Walter Filtration Machines / Scanner
fastgrow / fasthatch Flora / Eggs will grow / hatch soon after being correctly placed in planter / Alien Containment
unlockdoors Unlocks all doors aside from those for which Laser Cutter is necessary
day / night Set current period to day / night
schedule Lists upcoming events and how long until active
spawnnearby Subnautica’s equivalent of ‘unstuck’ – moves player a short distance away
warp [x], [y], [z] Instantly moves player to stated coordinates warp 1, 3, 4
biome [NAME] Teleports player to Biome biome jellyshroom


After trying out these Subnautica console commands, if you’re keen to try out other games like Subnautica, we’ve got you covered.

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