Starfield Release Date set for November 11 2022

Bethesda has confirmed Starfield's release date and exclusivity

Starfield Release Date
Starfield is launching on November 11, 2022. Image via Bethesda Softworks.

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Bethesda has confirmed that its flagship new IP, Starfield release date is set for November 11, 2022, and will be exclusive to the Xbox Series X|S and PC. The news comes after Bethesda demoed a trailer for the title during the Microsoft & Bethesda E3 2021 Conference.

The core of the game seems to centre around a space-faring faction names Constellation. The faction seems to be one of humanity’s massive space-faring agencies, launching humanity into the stars to discover what is out there.

Other than that, the trailer did not show off much else regarding the game. However, we know that the Starfield release date is launching alongside the Xbox Game Pass, so fans of the title can opt to buy it in full or through the Xbox Game Pass.

Also, the other major talking point of the game is that it is indeed a Microsoft exclusive. Whispers were surrounding Microsoft acquiring Bethesda and getting a title as part of the exclusivity deal. So it does appear that Starfield is indeed that major title, which many gaming enthusiasts were expecting.

With all that said, there is nothing else available regarding Starfield. However, it is good to know the game is plodding along fine. Likewise, Bethesda and Microsoft are confident in giving the game a launch date so far in advance. We will undoubtedly see more on the game on the next major Microsoft and Bethesda panels, potentially for E3 2022, as they show off more gameplay, features, and other hype content closer to the Starfield release date.