Splitgate Ranks: How do they work?

Are you gunning for Champion?

Splitgate Ranks
We explain how Splitgate's ranked system works. Image via 1047 Studios.

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Splitgate is the most recent arena shooter that has exploded in popularity. It’s Halo meets Portal game design makes for some of the most dramatic and creative gameplay. Players always have a way to flank or create new angles to frag their enemies. If you’ve been playing Splitgate and find that you are beating down your opponents with glee in casual matchmaking, it might be time to switch to ranked. If you want to know how Splitgate ranks are awarded or how it’s ranked mode works, look no further.

Ranked Mode Explained

Splitgate has two different ranked modes. The first is the Ranked 4v4. It offers players a 25% experience bonus if they opt to play it. The ranked queue uses the official tournament play game modes: King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Oddball and Takedown.

King of the Hill forces both teams to control the point and fight to keep it under their team’s control. Domination is also a similar concept, with teams fighting for control of three different points that never move. Team Deathmatch rewards the first team to get 50 kills with a victory Takedown is a 4v4 knock-out deathmatch with no respawns until the start of each following round. Finally, we have Oddball, where both teams fight to pick up a ball and maintain its possession for longer than the enemy team. Ranked 4v4 is the first of the ranked modes you’ll unlock.

The other ranked queue is the Ranked Takedown. It’s a matchmaking mode that is exclusively for games of the previously mentioned Takedown mode. Takedown has its own unique maps, which are smaller in scale and are specifically designed for strategic team play.


Ranks Explained

If you are interested in playing any of Splitgate’s ranked modes, then you’ll want to know how many ranks you have left to grind. 1047 Studios, the developer studio behind Splitgate is using a badge ranked system, like the one seen in League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Overwatch and more. The lowest rank is Brass, while the max rank is Champion.

When you begin playing a ranked mode, you will need to complete five placement matches. Depending on how you perform, win or lose, you will get seeded into an appropriate rank number and bracket. Depending on what rank you are given, you’ll get placed into its corresponding bracket. The brackets are as follows.

  • Champion: 4000+
  • Master: 3500-3999
  • Diamond: 3000-3499
  • Platinum: 2500-2999
  • Gold: 2000 -2499
  • Silver: 1500-1999
  • Bronze: 1000-1499
  • Brass: 0-999

Once you are ranked, you will need to win at least 10 games in your ranked bracket to earn seasonal rewards. If you manage to climb your way to Champion, you may be in for a shot at making it onto the Top 50 Leaderboard.


If you think you have a shot at getting to the top of the Splitgate ranks leaderboard, then we wish you the best of luck. While you’re here, why not check out our page on the best weapons in Splitgate? Knowing what the best guns are and why could be the difference between Master and Champion! Knowing is half the battle, after all.

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