Smite Monstercat Battlepass: Hades, Khepri, Chang’e, Gilgamesh skins

Smite Monstercat Battle pass May 18
Hi-Rez has teamed up with Monstercat to create themed content on the music label, including the famous Crab Rave video. Image via Hi-Rez Studios.

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Hi-Rez Studios has revealed the new Smite Battlepass is teaming up with famous independent music label, Monstercat. The Smite Monstercat Battlepass features cross over between several artists on the label with content matching for certain Gods. Here a look at the content.

The next Smite Batlepass aims to bring Smite content mirroring some of Monstercats most iconic artists and songs. Monstercat’s Slushii. Sullivan King, Noisestorm, and Loven are joining Smite with skins based on them. Sullivan King is the main feature of the Smite Monstercat Battlepass, with a Gilgamesh skin headlining as the newly released God. In addition, Slushii Hades,  Koven Chang’e, and Crab Rave Khepri being the most hilarious of the lot. The Crab Rave is inspired by Noisestorm’s Crab Dance, turned famous through memes. All these skins reflect the brand of each individual, showing off their aesthetics and instruments used in their music.

Furthermore, the new Smite Monstercat Battlepass contains four brand new music packs. The forthcoming Slushii track, Valhalla, Crab Rave, Give You Up, and Some One Else, all songs produced by the four artists. They can completely replace the base Smite soundtrack, bringing entire new content in Smite’s next battle pass.

For those wondering when the new Smite Monstercat Battlepass release date is, you can expect it to go live on May 18. Speaking on the new Smite Monstercat Battlepass, Gavin Johnson, Monstercat’s Head of Gaming adds, “We’re excited for players to directly engage with our artists and experience their music through these unique integrations launching inside the SMITE universe. Each of the skins in the Monstercat Battle Pass is authentically aligned with the artist’s brand and the game’s creative elements, a synergy we strive for in all of our partnerships.”

You can tune into the upcoming Smite Update show for those looking for more information, which details Smite Patch 8.5 and more. The SMite Update Show is around 3pm ET on Wednesday, April 28.