Smite 8.4 Bonus Update nerfs Gilgamesh, Tiamat and more

8.4 Bonus Update Smite nerfs
Smite is getting an 8.4 Bonus Patch, aiming to nerf many of Smite's most busted Gods and Items. Image via Hi-Rez.

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Hi-Rez Studios, the publishers behind Smite, broadcasted their Update show on April 28, detailing upcoming content for the game. The 8.4 Bonus Update balances several Gods and Items and releases a few new skins for the game. Here is what is in store in the 8.4 Bonus Update Patch Notes.



Item Nerfs

One of the big features of the patch is the nerf of several of the major items used in the meta.  One of the game’s biggest nerfs heads to Bumba’s Hammer. Smite has a big issue with lakers buying Jungle items, mainly for how strong the bonus stats are on the item. Hi-Rez has decided they don’t like non-Junglers from getting the Hammer, as the uniqueness of Bumba’s Hammer should be the aim of the item. Therefore, the item is losing all of its Penetration and has 10% less CDR.

In 8.1, several hybrid items had a shift away from defense to more offense. Because of this, the items got a little too strong. Hi Rez has decided they are going back a bit on the change. The two items getting nerfed here are Ancile and Shifter’s Shield. Shifter’s Shield is getting five less damage, and the passive is also down five damage. Ancile is losing 10 physical power, with its cost going up 100 gold.

As for Mages, they, too are losing a bit of ability CDR on Spear of Desolation. When the item’s passive triggers, the ability reduction is down to six, rather than the eight it was previously.


God Nerfs

Sadly, ladies and gents, this is all nerfs from here. On the contrary, it is all nerfs to S Tier Gods, so that’s a good thing, right?


New Gods

Gilgamesh makes it on the list by taking the Battleground of the Gods by storm. Gilgamesh had some nerfs on the PTR and is getting more so. His primary abuse was on his damage from his first ability. The damage it does now is 3% rather than 3.5% of max health. Likewise, his Hero’s Advance physical scaling is down to 50%, with its cooldown upped a second longer.

The Nerfs seem necessary, despite Gilgamesh’s clear counters with Witchblade and mechanical weaknesses. It should make it easier to box with Gilgamesh in the laning phase and beyond. 

Likewise, the second most recent God to release is getting nerfed. Apparently, the recent 8.4 nerfs to Tiamat wasn’t enough, so he is getting more nerfs. Death Begets Life is decreasing the healing of the large heal from 40 + 8 per level to (48/200) to 30 + 6 (36/150).


ADC and Supports

Apollo has dominated Ranked for too long. Previous nerfs haven’t done him justice, so he is getting some more. Audacity only gains one stack rather than two when he damages a God with an ability. The Moves movement speed buff and the debuff is down s considerable amount at all levels. Across the Sky’s mana cost is increased at later levels too.

Athene is getting some nerfs to her taunt. Confound duration increase buff in 8.3 is reverted, with the damage scaling and base damage down too. Read More: Athena visual model update.

Anhur is another ADC dominating the game. So, just like Apollo, he is getting nerfs too. Impale physical scaling is down, along with Desert Fury damage per hit lowered.

Finally, Sobek is on the list with his Charge Prey CDR increased a second.


Assassins and Warriors

The king of the Assassin Jungle meta has not escaped the nerfs too. Skewer physical base damage is down by 10 at every level. Sandstorm physical damage reduction is down by 5%, making him a little bit easier to kill.

Tsukuyomi, the Japanese Moon God, is getting a nerf. Piercing Moonlight’s damage mitigation is down from 30% to 20%, along with a power scaling nerf by 5%.

Guan Yu’s horse charge is down a significant amount per ability level. It should see his annoying dive damage by a large amount as he stampedes through the backline.

For those interested in the full breadth of the nerfs coming in Patch 8.4 Bonus Update, click here to find out. The 8.4 Bonus Update Launches on May 8, with all the nerfs subject to change before the May 8 release date.