Gilgamesh Smite: Guide to Counters, Builds, Abilities, Lanes, Tips

Gilgamesh Smite God Guide for builds counters, ability tips and roles
Gilgamesh is the latest god to launch as of Smite Season 8.4 Here are some tips for playing him, along with builds, counters and more. Image via Hi-Rez Studios.

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Gilgamesh is Smite’s latest God to drop. The God is another Warrior, joining the game in Patch 8.4. Here are our Suggestions for building Gilgamesh Smite, as well as the best tips for using his kit and what counters to avoid.

The King of Uruk's Abilities

Passive – Epic of Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh gets a quest at level 5 and 10. The first quest tells him to visit a location, twitch the second, informing him to defeat half the enemy team in a single fight. Once Gilgamesh completes one of his quests, he receives a T1 item or 500g if he has a full inventory.

1st – Sun Forged Scimitar

Gilgamesh ignites his sword for four seconds, which also slows enemies nearby for 2.5 seconds. His auto attacks deal bonus damage equal to 3% of his max health, which also extends the duration of his sword’s buff for 0.8 seconds an auto-attack up to 7 seconds extended. The Scimitar’s damage scales from 60% of physical power.

2nd – Drop Kick

Gilgamesh dropkicks an area in front of him launching back the closest enemy to him. The launched enemy collides with walls and other champions, getting stunned and receiving bonus damage. 

The kick has different damage types. The Kick has its own damage, scaling from 50% physical power, the burst damage from 65% of physical power, and the bonus damage 25% of physical power.

3rd – Hero’s Advance

Gilgamesh Smite leaps into the air and crashes down on a target location. The ground he lands on becomes infused with energy, granting bonus movement to those nearby. Once inside, Gilgamesh grants allies bonus life steal boosted by 15% of his highest protection value.

Ultimate – Winds of Shamash

Creates a ring at a target location, and those caught inside take damage and are slowed. Enemies who escape are slowed further. Enemies who remain caught in the ring when it expires are rooted and crippled. 


Tips and tricks for his abilities

The best Gilgamesh Smite tip relating to his kit is to use it reactively during the early game. Unlike most Solo Laners, they tend to have an ability that allows them to extensively trade, with a leap, disarm, interrupt or healing mechanic. Gilgamesh doesn’t really have that, so it is best to see what your laner is doing. See them misstep and they can get chunked from your 1st. If you see them jump on you, Gilgamesh can counter it with your third and get the lifesteal bonus and trade within that ring. You can also use your third to reposition yourself you drop-kick your laner into your tower range, a wall or other awkward spot for them.

Using your leap ability and drop-kicking a key target 60 units towards your team is a big deal in the mid and late game. Achieving this on an extended mid or ADC can result in death as your team follows up on your pick.


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Solo Laner Damage Build

The main position to play Gilgamesh in is the Solo Laner; however, he can be a viable Jungler.  The Solo Lane is where he is meant to be, with a kit designed to get gold and get tanky and physical power asap.

Relics: Blink Rune or Teleport, and Shield of Thorns. 

The thing with Giglamesh’s build path is there is no set pathway. His starting time is defined with a chalice and three multi pots. Although many Solo Laners in Season 8 go, Bluestone, getting regen and power in one. However, getting Warrior’s Axe to evolve in Sundering Axe is big for his tankier playstyle.

If you opt for a more damage based playstyle, then the core of your build is Warrior Tabi, Berserker’s Shield, Stone Cutting Sword, Void Shield, and Shogun Kusari.

Berseker’s and Warrior Tabi are pretty big items for most damage based warrior playstyles, with Stone Cutting Sword big for shredding physical while gaining more for yourself. It naturally benefits his tankyness, and helps bolster his 3rd’s lifesteal buff, as this is predominantly physical protection build.

The Void Shield and Shogun Kusari are your later game items. Shogun is a nice addition to Gilgamesh Smite kit because his 3rd naturally helps allies, so an extra attack speed buff on top of lifesteal is real nice for your carries in team fights. Void Shield is another Stone cutting Sword, which works brilliantly as Gilgamesh’s mid to late game playstyle reload on keeping enemies trapped in his ultimate.

Solo Laner Tank Build

Gilgamesh builds DPS Tank
Some potential defensive and offence builds to engage with as your building Gilgamesh.


On the contrary, a tank build might be for you if you want to set up fights with your ultimate. The strengths of the tank build aid the mid and late-game focus on keeping enemies in your ultimate and creating the team fights you want.

Relics: Blink Rune or Teleport, and Animosity. 

Like the offensive build, the core of the build relies on Sundering Axe and Warrior Tabi. From there, Gladiators Shield and The Sledge are solid options for offence with plenty of protection. 

After that, it becomes situational. Pridwyn’s is a great option for getting extra shielding when you create the team fight based on your ult. A Caduceus Shield is a nice touch for allies getting even more healing, complimenting your third. Mantle of Discord is also great for staying alive and ensuring enemies stay in your ultimate too. These three are all situation, and two of the three get you to your sixth item. Either way, there is plenty to think about building up Gilgamesh Smite kit.

Jungle Playstyle

Gilgamesh’s passive makes him feel like he could potentially be a great Jungler, so let us explore the idea. Gilgamesh’s passive relies on him exploring the map at level 5. Playing the jungle allows him to rate through the jungle and head to the destination for that easy 500g.

In addition, Gilgamesh naturally has a 2nd ability to kite jungle camps with the knockback and cleave at the same time. Also, this 3rd ability is fairly useful for pathing the Jungle and getting in position to gank lanes. For killing the more deadly mobs in the Jungle, his 1st ability can do some pretty big damage and consistently extend the ability’s duration.

It cannot be overemphasized how strong his 2nd ability is with its stun. Kicking a kill target is enough to CC them for just under a second. Even so, landing that God into a wall or other God at the max range will stun them for longer. You can create one of the longest CC chains from that one ability. Flanking at the right time and position well in ganks will reward lanes incredibly well using this technique. Moreso, this is a transferable skill even to Solo Lane Gilgamesh.

But what does Gilgamesh build exactly? Gilgamesh could build a Manikin Sceptre, which scales very well with his auto-attacks during his first ability. As it evolves into Manikin Mace, it does fairly decent damage to enemy Gods.

The Sad Part, His Counters

Even with Gilgamesh having an incredible kit, it comes with some very strong drawbacks. For starters, like many other ability cast based Warriors, he is easily countered by interrupts. In addition, there are quite a few annoying items to be aware of that hard counter Gilgamesh.  

One of the best counters to Gilgamesh throughout an entire match is Tyr. The Norseman’s passive prevents him from getting stunned for longer than a second. Furthermore, his 1st ability is decent at ignoring the length of Gilgamesh Smite’s 1st ability and can outplay his dropkick. Finally, his ultimate makes immune to CC when he leaps to a target, preventing Winds of Shamash from applying any of its slows or knockback into the centre of the wind.

One of the strongest Warriors in the game, Guan Yu is also strong here. Guan Yu’s third ability prevents him from getting knock backed, which counters Gilgamesh massively. If that is not up, then baiting the dropkick with Guan’s second is a good idea too.

As for items, there are two major counters to Gilgamesh. Gaia is a defensive item that is great situationally against how Drop Kick. Stone of Gaia allows the wielder to recover lots of their max hp through a short period. The proc of the time kick in once every 45 seconds after getting knocked back.

In addition, Witchblade is incredibly powerful against Gilgamesh. Most of Gilga’s damage comes from his first ability, which deals max bonus damage on his auto-attacks. If Witchblade slows his attack speed, then Gilgamesh loses a lot of pressure. Add that on top of someone who can prevent his second from working properly, and Gilgamesh gets countered really hard.

With that said, there are quite a few techniques, playstyles, and advanced mechanics to be aware of. We hope you got quite a bit of information from this Gilgamesh Smite guide. Good luck out there.