All 10 Dark Brethren Journal Locations and How to Get Them

Here are the locations of all ten Dark Brethren Journals in A Pirate's Life

A Pirates Life Dark Brethren Journal Locations
Here is a guide to finding all the Dark Brethren Journals in Sea of Thieves A Pirate's Life. Image via Rare.

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The latest instalment in the Sea of Thieves free content updates has brought with it A Pirate’s Life, featuring the cast of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. With several quests, tales and journeys in the saga, none other can be as hard as collecting the Dark brethren Journals. In this guide, we will show you where all of the Dak Brethren Journals are in the A Pirate’s Life Update.

Journal Locations

Organ Room Journal
The Organ Room houses one of the Journals but needs a puzzle completed before accessing it.

The first Dark Brethren Journal is located almost immediately after Captain Jack opens the stone door with his locket. Head through the doorway and turn right when you can. Follow the path until you get to pieces of a ship on the floor as the first journal is on a plank.

After the first journal, you’ll continue with the journey as planned. Eventually, you’ll stumble upon water requiring your to swim through a tunnel. While swimming through the tunnel you may notice a white piece of coral and other rock formations. When you find the white coral, head over to it, and you’ll find a journal sat on it.

Once when you have the second journal, keep moving on with the journey until you see a geyser that pushes you up a ledge. There will be a pulley system nearby that can move a wooden beam closer to you as it is needed to cross the gap to the third journal. Cross the beam and drop down a yellow plant, which will guide you on a new path straight to the journal next to a big rock.

The fourth Dark Brethren Journal is on the Flying Dutchman’s organ room. Although, you’ll need to solve a mini-puzzle to get there. The door is locked while a dagger sits on the map table, once when it is removed, the door to the organ room will open. Inside the Organ Room, you’ll come across a chest where the journal awaits.

The Puzzles

Sea of Thieves Journal Location
This Scaffolding is one of the spots to find a Dark Brethren Journal.

Later on in the journey, a bunch of mermaid enemies eagerly await your arrival. After an intense battle, dive to the depths of the pool to find the journal in one of the cages. Furthermore, cut the rope holding a curved broken hull underwater, as it is necessary for the sixth Dark Brethren journal. Finally, return to the surface and climb aboard the hull’s remnants and look for a wooden scaffolding. Approach said scaffolding and shine your light under it to reveal the journal. After that, you’ll have completed the mermaid puzzle and grabbed yourself two journals in the same room.

To find the seventh journal, you’ll once again have to continue with the mission. After some more exploration, you’ll come across a room with two mermaid statues and several enemies surrounding them. The seventh journal is inside that room near coral, similar to the second journal.

The eighth journal requires completing another puzzle. There is a vertical room that you need to fill with water via the Siren puzzle in order to progress through the journey. When you reach the top, look for blue glowing corals in the north. You can use your compass to easily find the north while doing the mission. Once the Blue coral is located, you’ll spot the book slightly to the side of the blue coral.

Davey Jones

Now that the adventure is somewhat coming to an end, a fitting way to close the chapter is to find the ninth journal in Davey Jone’s meeting room. Before going down there, look to the right as a combination of blue and red coral reveals the ninth journal.

Finally, the tenth Dark Brethren journal is in the room. Head inside the meeting room and check the chairs around the meeting table. The final journal sits on top of one of those chairs.

Once you have acquired all 10 journals, you’ll have completed the challenge as a ghostly figure appears at the table to confirm your achievement. Congratulations, Captain, jack is proud of you!

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