Rocket League cross-platform progression and crossplay guide

How to get your kicks on Route 66, regardless of platform

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Rocket League now features cross-platform progression - you just need an Epic account

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Since driving onto the PC scene in 2015, Rocket League has raced onto Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles, becoming one of the most played games in the world. As well as being one of the first games to support crossplay, Rocket League cross-platform progression was recently made a feature for those with an Epic Games Account.

As well as being a trailblazing game in terms of its soccer-with-cars gameplay, Rocket League was one of the games that forced Sony to change its stance on crossplay existing between all the major console platforms. Thanks to Nintendo and Microsoft teaming up to provide Minecraft crossplay and Epic Games pushing for the same for Fortnite, Sony eventually relented and made Rocket League one of the first truly crossplay-supported games of the modern era. Since Rocket League crossplay was activated early in 2019, crossplay has become an expected feature of most multiplayer videogames.

Crossplay in Rocket League is enabled by default, but if you need to re-enable the feature, go to the Main Menu, then Settings, Gameplay, and check the Cross-Platform Play box. With crossplay enabled, you will be able to play with Rocket League players on PC (Epic or Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. You can also create or join a Private Match with friends, regardless of platform.

If you wish to maintain Rocket League progression across platforms, you need to have an Epic Games Account. You can create one from scratch, or link a new Epic account to your existing Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo account, so that your progression, ranking and inventory on your platform of choice is shared across them all. For creating a cross-platform account, you will receive Chopper Wheels as a freebie.

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