Ludeon Reveal RimWorld Ideology Expansion – Release July 20

Ideology is the next expansion heading to RimWorld very soon

RimWorld Ideology Expansion Settings
Here are some of the Ideology options available for RimWorld's upcoming expansion. Image via Ludeon Studios.

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Edit – Ludeon Studios has announced Ideology’s release date for July 20.


Ludeon Studios has announced that a new update for RimWorld will be releasing soon, centering a new expansion on Ideology, alongside a bunch of new content that will be released for free. Those interested in sampling the update can either jump on the test client or read on for the full details of the new Rimworld 1.3 update.

Sadly, there is no RimWorld patch 1.3 release date, although, the content is available right now in Steam’s beta settings. There is no doubt it will be here very soon.

RimWorld Ideology Expansion Content

The Rimworld Ideology expansion will cram together 15 months worth of development. It will focus heavily on the RPG side of RimWorld, allowing players to further improve their storytelling experience.

Part of the RimWorld Ideology expansion aims to introduce religions to the game. Looking at the Ideology menu, it seems like the rules of any religion can specify what is and isn’t acceptable. Whether that is based on types of clothes, weapons, armor, food to use, or the style of art that followers can appreciate.

Ideology can also influence what culture your people follow. If you want them to become pagan tribal cannibals – something the Romans would have happily conquered – then that is one possibility. There appears to be a limitless scope for extreme cultural diversity and the Ideology settings will be easily moddable, allowing infinite possibilities via the Steam Workshop.

Mysticism and magic will be a part of Ideology, as mythical creatures will feature in the expansion, such as Dryads and magical trees. If that isn’t enough, the in-game quest system will have new missions, allowing players to find ‘Indiana Jones Style’ tombs and locations, discovering hidden religious secrets and enemies along the way.

This is just a taste of what the expansion will offer, but if you are not into religion and myth, there is also a huge base camp update to get excited about.

1.3 Free Update

RimWorld Animal Pens, Fences, Egg Box, Barns
Here is an example of the upcoming animal features in RimWorld. Image via Ludeon Studios.

The time for animal husbandry has come. While taming animals was always in the base game, Farmers and Handlers can soon now build their ranches till their hearts are content. There will be new items in the game, such as Egg Boxes, which will vastly improve the way tamed animals work. Furthermore, there will be dedicated Pens and Fence options, creating designated areas for animals in the game. Animals will also have expanded roles to further their purpose in colonies.

Increased detail is coming to character customisation, thanks to the new way character models are to be rendered. This will allow for injuries to be shown. We’re not sure if that means we’ll see cybernetic implants, but it will surely become possible via future DLC or mods. Also, more beard options!

Combat Changes and QOL

The other major change coming to RimWorld 1.3 is the Breach Warfare mechanic. This will allow enemies to take down walls easier and even use breaching weapons to tunnel beneath a base and appear inside it. It’s a mechanic designed to add more strategy to setting up defences, and move the meta away from so-called “killboxes”

In addition, colonists will be much more responsive in combat, and they’ll be able to carry medicine in their inventories to help heal themselves during battle. Rather than have to drag wounded colleagues to a bed to heal, colonists will instead move them to safe spots, meaning they should be able to receive medical attention more quickly and effectively.

One final thing to note about the 1.3 combat changes is that combat formations can be set up and selected, rather than having to rely on basic individual movement. It’s not quite Total War, but it’s a step in the right direction for those of us who like to appear organized in the midst of a battle. This is only a quick rundown of what is in store for the RimWorld 1.3 update. Head over to Ludeon’s official Google Doc to see the full RimWorld 1.3 patch notes. Alternatively, preview images and details on Ideology are available on the RimWorld Steam Page. I, for one, cannot wait to turn my friends into tree worshipping hippies through the RimWorld Multiplayer Mod.

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