Ubisoft permanently bans Estral Esports from official Rainbow Six competition

Estral Esports

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Ubisoft has revealed several competitive announcements relating to the Mexican Rainbow Six League. The statements detail that Ubisoft has sufficient evidence that Mexican organization, Estral Esports match fixed. The consequence of its actions forced Mexican Esports Team into a relegation battle. Furthermore, Ubisoft caught a player known as Oscar “Toski” Sepúlveda on Estral Esports attempting to poach a player.

Ubisoft began investigating Toski after reports of potential player poaching were reported to Ubisoft. Upon inspection, the details came to light, confirming the player was poaching, alongside more incriminating evidence that the organization match fixed.

The details on the match-fixing placate all the players o the team, including the administration intentionally threw their match. The result of the match meant Mexican Esports Team (MET) were placed in a relegation battle after Estral Esports lost to Infinity Esports.

Also, Ubisoft realized Estral Esports deliberately withheld information when Ubisoft formerly investigated José “Fungi” Vidales. During the match vs Infinity Esports, Fungi was investigated for not competing to the maximum extent possible. As a result of all this, Fungi’s punishment remains in place, with all other roster members getting an official warning. If Ubisoft finds these players breaking the rules later, they will receive harsher penalties. 

However, the main punishment goes to the organization itself. Estral Esports is now permanently banned from any official Rainbow Six circuit with Ubisoft’s oversight. Furthermore, Toski receives a competitive ban for nine months following his poaching scandal. The length of the ban means he is not able to compete in the 2021 competitive season. Most of the Rainbow Six scenes kick off later in March, taking us to the Finals in December and January.

These two announcements are not the only recent Rainbow Six related scandals. Team Liquid recently dropped Mav from the roster after an internal investigation in physical abuse claims. Rainbow Six Siege is becoming more and more cleaner with the news. Ubisoft’s full announcement is visible to the public here.


Image via Estral Esports.