T1 enter Rainbow Six with Korean roster

T1 Rainbow Six
Prestigious organization, T1 has revealed its Rainbow Six squad competing in the APAC North Division. Image via T1

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Update - Demic dropped from the roster

Less than 48 hours after the organization joined the Rainbow Six APAC North and Korean scenes, the roster has already made a move. The organization announced that Demic is off the roster, with no clarity from either player or organization as to why.

The news comes with less than a week to go before the APAC North event kicks off. The roster inherited the APAC North spot from Nora-Rengo after the team failed to field an eligible roster. With the T1 roster in jeopardy, they need to scramble to find an appropriate replacement fast.  The T1 roster is elevated to the APAC North because at least two of their players have competed, or earned a way into the league. T1’s two eligible players were Demic and iLevan, who competed on the SCARZ relegation roster in November 2020. With Demic out, they need a player that qualifies, otherwise, T1 could become ineligible for competition.

T1 has its first professional match on Friday, March 19, facing off against Talon Esports.  We will pay close attention to the story as it develops further,

Legendary South Korean organization, T1, has signed a Rainbow Six roster, featuring the former OhHamMa roster. The team aims to compete in the APAC North League, which kicks off on March 19.

T1 entering Rainbow Six is a first for the organization. The org is one of the region’s giants, with a history of dominating the StarCraft 2 scene and has the most prestigious League of Legends roster when they played under the SKT T1 banner.

The team formerly named ohHamMa has signed and will join this big organization. T1’s roster consists of  Cha “iLeven” Wonil, Kim “Demic” Daeyeong, Kang “Vamos” Sang-eun, Kim “r3plicA” Jeong-woo, and Lim “Yeti” Hun-sung. Hyunwoo “Howard” Jeong, Junyoung “Revi” Shin, and Varun “VBM” Bir Mohindra will operate the coaching department, running the map drafting and strategies for the roster.

The roster is not a bad side, having placed in the top three in the 2020 Korean Open. T1’s roster will debut in APAC North Season 2 Stage 1, competing against teams like DAMWON KIA, Fnatic, and Cloud9, the APAC North Finals Champions. The roster will also compete in the Korean Open 2021, where they finished third in the last event.

The news comes shortly after the recent announcement that Nora Rengo is no longer competing in Rainbow Six Esports APAC North division. The roster didn’t field a team in time, leading to Ubisoft reverting its license. Furthermore, Ubisoft removed NR from the league and the Rainbow Six Share system, halting its skins’ sales.

Ubisoft revealed that Tempra Esports was leaving the European League too, getting replaced by Trainhard Esports. Ubisoft mentioned they were in discussion to see if they could get Trainhard in the Rainbow Six Share system. Perhaps we could see T1 enter those discussions too.