Report: Ubisoft grant exemption to T1 R6 roster eligibility

T1 R6 original roster
Ubisoft has granted T1 an exception to the 4.4.4 rulings, allowing T1 to use its coach as a player for APAC North. Image via T1.

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T1 is set to field coach Junyoung “Revi” Shin on its starting roster ahead of the APAC North League kicking off on March 19. The organization found itself down an eligible player after it terminated Daeyeong “Demic” Kim’s contract the day after the roster’s announcement.

When T1 terminated Demic’s contract on March 12, the organization encountered an issue with the roster’s eligibility for the APAC North League. In the Rainbow Six Esports Rulebook, rule states: “ During an off-season transfer window, Teams can change their entire roster of Player provided that at a minimum of two Players from the newly formed roster have competed, or have qualified to compete, at the same level of competition the team was at during the previous season.”

Demic and Wonil “iLevan” Cha were the two eligible players competing in APAC North due to their history on SCARZ. However, with Demic gone, T1 R6 no longer qualified for that rule.

Esports Verdict reached out to Ubisoft regarding the eligibility of the T1 Roster for the APAC North Division. A representative at Ubisoft informed EV that they are allowing T1 an exception to use Revi as a player rather than a coach for the season.

T1 has registered Revi as coach for the upcoming Season 2021 of the APAC League. As Revi was part of the SCARZ former roster, hence meeting the eligibility requirements set in section 4.4.4 of the Rainbow Six Circuit Rulebook, and was registered in the League with T1 prior to the end of the transfer window, we are exceptionally authorizing T1 to reclassify him into a Player role.

Revi was originally signed to the roster as a coach, alongside Varun “VBM” Bir Mohindra. Revi has a longer history with elements of the T1 roster after competing alongside Demi and iLevan on SCARZ last year. The talent originally signed with T1 as a coach before the roster lock on March 7th 2021, at 9 AM CET. Rule 4.4.2 in the rulebook specifically states that team substitutions exclude talent signed as Team Staff or Coaches. However,  Ubisoft’s special exemption allows him to compete as a player rather than a coach, allowing T1 to compete in the league.


The organization is also currently using Revi as the fifth player during the 2021 Korean Open Springs Regular Season. T1 R6  first game in the APAC North League against Talon Esports using the current Korean Open line-up. Their battle is the final game of Playday 1, scheduled for 9:00 EDT, 13:00 GMT, 14:00 CET, 22:00 KST.