Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay confirmed for 2022

R6 is getting crossplay on June 30 for PC and early 2022 for consoles

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay
Ubisoft has confirmed Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay will be fully implemented by early 2022. Image via Ubisoft.

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Ubisoft has announced that Rainbow Six Siege crossplay is a thing. The game is getting several different types of crossplay depending on the platform, along with cross-progression for all platforms.

The Rainbow Six Siege crossplay launches in two separate phases. The first wave of crossplay launches for PC platforms, with Google Stadia, PC and Luna getting a merge on June 30. Furthermore, those different PC platforms get cross-progression along with the update. All of these features on PC become available on June 30, so there isn’t all that long to wait.

If you are a console player, the Rainbow Six Siege crossplay begins sometime in early 2022. Players on Xbox and PlayStation regardless of generation can play together. Furthermore, that update will also grant cross-progression for every platform the game is on. This means that PC players can bring their accounts over to a console and play from there if needed. 

Sadly, there is no specific date on the console crossplay update. All we know is that the update is going to take some time to implement. The process of connecting the different consoles is a much more difficult process than connecting accounts of the same systems, such as PC to PC, Xbox One to Xbox Series, etc. But rest assured, it is finally coming.

It does mean that console players don’t have to deal with Keyboard and Mouse players on PC. However, there is no news on how queues work with console players using keyboard and mouse input settings. Only time will tell how exactly the feature will work for those specifics, but either way, we know it is a good decision and matches the trends of the industry