Rainbow Six Apocalypse event live through May 4 – 18

Rainbow Six Apocalypse
Rainbow Six latest limited event brings a new mode and cosmetics for two weeks. Image via Ubisoft.

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Rainbow Six Siege is partway through Year 6 Season 1, but there is even more content launching. The new Rainbow Six Apocalypse is a limited-time mode is a new limited-time event featuring cosmetics and bundles to match from May 4 to May 18. 

The core of the limited-time event is the game mode – canister, a spin on protecting the hostage mode. The Defenders, now known as the Keepers, are defending the last plant on earth, protected in a canister. On the other hand, the attackers are on the hunt to retrieve it for themselves.

The rules of the new mode are all about eliminating the other team to win, or successfully defending it or scratching it in time. There are a few tricks up their sleeves too. The Defenders can choose to move the canister around the map, spicing things up from the Deredners static objectives. To combat this, the attackers have the ability to scan rooms, picking up defenders roaming through them. It is one of the more interesting spins regarding R6’s limited-time modes.

Furthermore, the Apocolypse event is adding in 35 new cosmetic items. Some of the items contain new cosmetics for Fuze, Gridlock, Maverick, Nomas, Twitch, Maestro, Rook, Smoke and Valkrie. These operators have access to new headgear, weapon skins, and uniforms, depending on the operator. The new cosmetics are time exclusive for the event and are available for purchase through shop bundles for 1680 R6 credits, Apocalypse Packs for 300, or 12,500 Renown.

Rainbow Six Apocalypse is likely the last content patches of Rainbow SIx Year 6 Season 1. The new season will likely reveal itself during the Six Invitational Broadcast, taking place from May 11 to 23. We will likely find out about the new Operator joining the game’s ranks, along with any new map information and feature changes.