DarkZero announce 50K tournament with Nerd Street Gaming and CCS

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DarkZero Esports has announced it running an AM-Pro event alongside Nerd Street Gamers and CCS Esports. The event features 20 teams, with nine of them in the Rainbow Six North American League. The event has a $50,000 prize pool, which runs from March 11 to 14.

The event is the first tournament where we will see the big nine North American teams go at it. There have been many changes, with the likes of DarkZero, Oxygen and more making roster changes, with XSET new to the league. 

Furthermore, there are a few recognisable teams coming from the Challenger scene. The likes of Altiora and APE squad containing familiar members. While many of the teams don’t have great notoriety, the event will do well to give them some. The European National Leagues have grassroots initiatives, allowing grassroots players and Challenger Leagues continued opportunity. There is potential for new stars to shine through, especially with the nine big teams paying attention to them.

Also, it is a chance for e big team to get their new entry fraggers warmed up for the return of the NA Pro League. The Likes of DarkZero signed Nick “njr” Rapier, with Tim “Creators” Humpreys one of NA’s most promising talents on XSET. Meanwhile, we get to see big teams like Spacestation Gaming and TSM entering. Spacestation Gaming is the 2020 Six Invitational Champions. w=With the team intact, it will be interesting to see if they still have it since most teams are redefining themselves with the roster moves. On the other hand, TSM is the Rainbow Six North American Champions. No doubt the Finalists will want to maintain its dominance over the NA scene.

There are plenty of strong narratives to look out for, while also assessing the potential of the new blood in the tournament. For those interested, there are three available streams to watch. The DZ Twitch channel is one of them, while Nerd Street and CCS Esports are another.

Rainbow Six Siege Na League returns on March 24, where we will see new rules likes the merging of the NA and Candian divisions. We can also expect to see potential changes like the removal of Theme Park from the competitive map pool. Either way, this is exciting stuff for an esport yet to kick off its big 2021 season.


Image via Ubisoft.