Rogue Company Season 3 update goes big on Japan

The Kyoto update for Hi-Rez Studios’ hero shooter introduces a new map and a sushi boatload of weapon upgrades

rogue company season 3 update

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Rogue Company Season 3 is currently underway, with this week’s Kyoto Job update bringing with it a new map, Palace, a bunch of expanded Rogue bios, and more weapon upgrades that you can shake a chopstick at. Obviously there’s a new Battle Pass to also consider, so you can earn Battle Pass Experience and unlock a bunch of gear and items as you rise through the ranks.

The weapon upgrades are all listed on the official site. As for the Palace map, it’s obviously influenced by buddist temples, paper lanterns and cherry blossom trees. There’s not much verticality to speak of, but the numerous courtyards allow for plenty of ambush opportunities. 

The Kyoto update has also brought with it a number of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. Fixer’s ability duration has been given a nerf and grenades have been pared back a little. Friendly fire has also been reduced significantly for non-ranked game queues, which will no doubt cheer a few people up.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to Rogue Company in the Ranked Season 3 update is the Buy One, Get One System. When you purchase a new primary weapon, you can more easily switch between both primary weapons. Additionally, when you buy an upgrade, it should apply to both. Hi-Rez says that the system “empowers players to control how they approach each round, objective, and life.” 

Hi-Rez have yet to confirm when Season 3 will end, but on the basis of previous seasons we can expect things to be wrapped up and Season 4 underway before Christmas.

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