Nine to Five Gamescom trailer shows off tactical gameplay

Nine to Five is shaping up to be a nice tactical shooter

Nine to Five Gamescom
Nine to Five shows of a new gameplay trailer. Image via Redhill Games.

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Nine to Five is an upcoming competitive tactical first-person shooter. The game has been in development for some time since 2019, but the new Nine to Five Gamescom footage features show the game is on its way to a full release sometime in 2022.

The new trailer was essentially a Nine to Five gameplay trailer. The content showed off a mixture of sniper rifles, SMGs, Assualt Rifles, breaching, peaking and more. While we already knew the game’s style it was aiming to be, the new look at the game makes it feel like an indie competitor to Rainbow Six Siege. The whole intel gathering, shoulder peaking and generally tactical element is the entire reason why the game gives off that vibe.


The Nine to Five Gamescom trailer also reveals that the game remains an interesting round by round game, with 3v3v3 teams. Every game of nine-to-five is only supposed to last 15 minutes, making it one of the more time respecting competitive shooters on the market.

While the Nine to Five Gamescom trailer didn’t show off much else, we did get a Steam wishlist page link. If you are interested in a new competitive shooter, you should probably follow or wishlist Nine to five to keep a closer look at the game.

Following the game on Steam is generally worthwhile as you could even get to play the in-development game earlier and help develop it. The developers have been known to throw closed alpha and beta tests, so paying attention to its steam page could lead you to getting your hand on it earlier. If the Nine to Five game intrigues you, there are more indie games like Nine to Five out there, such as Zero Hour and Rainbow Six. If you want something more arcade shooter while you wait for Nine to Five, you could try out Splitgate.