Dead Space reboot soon to be revealed

EA are masterminding a return for the Visceral horror classic, in the the form of a Resident Evil-style reboot

Dead Space 4
"Would Isaac Clarke please make their way to departures. The flight to the USG Ishimura will soon be boarding." (Image via EA.)

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Given the success that remastered editions of Mass Effect and Command & Conquer have brought to EA, it was perhaps inevitable that the rumored Dead Space 4 might actually be a remake rather than a sequel. Apparently, EA has been keen to revive its sci-fi horror trilogy ever since the 2019 edition of Resident Evil 2 seemed to re-energize Capcom’s flagship zombie series. Whatever the motivation, a Dead Space reboot would appear to be a certainly.

It’s been reported that the new Dead Space game, said to be in development at EA Motive (previously responsible for Star Wars Squadrons), will officially be unveiled on July 22, as part of the EA Play online showcase. At the event, we can also expect to hear more about Battlefield 2042 and what’s in store for future seasons of Apex Legends. Given the proximity to a new sporting season, Madden NFL 22 and FIFA 22 are almost certain to be given a run-out as well.

Dead Space 3 is the most recent game in EA’s horror franchise, which was released in 2013. Series developer Visceral Games was later closed by EA in 2017, having been working on a Star Wars game known as Project Ragtag. Subsequent to the closure, many Visceral staff joined Striking Distance Studios. The fledgeling developer, which is part of PUBG Corp (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds), is currently working on The Callisto Protocol, a Dead Space-inspired survival horror game set in the PUBG universe.

If you’ve missed trying to slice up Necromorphs as silent protagonist Isaac Clarke, here’s a trailer from the 2008 game to remind you what you’ve been missing for all these years.