Amazon reveal New World Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition

Amazon revealed their fourth expedition in New World.

New World Lazarus Instrumentality feature
AGS revealed another New World Expedition in the form of the Lazarus Instrumentality. Image via Amazon Games Studio.

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Amazon Games Studio has revealed another deep dive into the game ahead of its August. While New World had a deep dive on June 11 as part of the Summer Game Fest, they went even deeper on information regarding the New World Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition, along with more content within the game.

Lazarus Instrumentality

The main feature of the New World Expedition show is the reveal of the Lazarus Instrumentality. It appears that the Instance is an end-game content piece, just like the Dockyard. The developers recommended taking consumables like potions and other buffs to complete it.

Throughout the Lazarus Instrumentality, players face off against Ancient themed enemies, along with a few boss battles. Furthermore, the expedition features puzzles, with players connecting glyphs to doors to gain access to new rooms and progress through the Lazarus Instrumentality.

Classless Gameplay

Also, the deep dive went into the game with the role of the classless system. Players can make a Battle Mage using heavy armour with tonnes of Intellect if they wanted to. Furthermore, the game uses one Tank, three DPS, and a Healer to take on dungeons. So player’s can use that to create either own content types to make the gameplay the way they want. Perhaps we could see a battle mage tank?

Also, the Q/A on the show continued to speak about the PvP changes to the game. Likewise, there was some more generic expedition content that is publicly available through blog updates on New World’s website. The Q/A was more intended towards players not keeping on top of the game. However, it was good for fans of the game those just hearing of New World to see some brand-new high fantasy expedition content in the New World Lazarus Instrumentality form. With that said, we now know information on four of the six expeditions coming to New World at launch, and they all look interesting.