A List Of All New World Weapons And What They Do

Here all the weapons currently in New World

New World Weapons
Here are all the New World Weapons you use and spec into. Image via Amazon Games.

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New World is Amazon Games’ MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game), which has entered Closed Beta at the time of writing. The Closed Beta sees many new and returning folk drift into the mystical land of Aeternum, filled with danger and opportunity. Unlike other MMORPGs, New World doesn’t use a character class system, with players using weapons to define their own ‘class’. If you want to know what weapons are in the game, here all New World Weapons are in the game.

Weapon Types

Before going head first, do be aware all of these New World weapons types come with many different passives and skill upgrade passives. Once when you chose a spec for a weapon, you can get even more bonuses to differentiate between both specs. With so many different passives and builds we have not gone into detail, and instead, listing out the skills each spec has so you can learn more about what each weapon offers. If you want to know how these weapons pair up, take a look at our New World class archetypes list.


One-handed Sword and Shield

The one-handed Sword and Shield is the designated tanking weapon in the New World weapons list. It has the ability to charge forward, knocking down enemy players while offering the opportunity to absorb incoming damage.


  • Reverse Stab – A powerful stab dealing 175% weapon damage.
  • Whirling Blade – Cleaves the sword in an arc in front of the player.
  • Leaping Strike – Leap forward and deal 125% to the target.



  • Shield Bash – Stuns the foe with your shield for two seconds.
  • Shield Rush – Rush five meters forward and knockback foes.
  • Final Stand –  Take 305 reduced damage for eight seconds.


The One-Handed Sword and Shield is easily the most identifiable tanking weapon. However, New World is all about flexing and adapting with its classless system. If you need to tank, there is an optionable Carnelian gem, which adds a taunt modifier to certain abilities. Carnelian Gems fit into the Rapier, Hatchet, Spear, Great Axe and Warhammer, allowing those weapons to flex into tanking roles if required.

Two-Handed Weapons


Bows are the hunter’s favourite weapon, along with City Guards and watchers on the wall. The term skill tree sare Skirmisher and Hunter.


  • Poison Shot – Shoots a poison cloud onto the ground, those poisoned take 105 weapon damage every second for 20 seconds.
  • Evade Shot – Disengage by leaping backwards with 125% weapon damage hitting the target.
  • Rain of Arrows – Sends out an AOE of arrows in a seven-meter wide area.



  • Rapid Shot – Fire three consecutive arrows at the target with the last causing a knockback.
  • Penetrating Shot – A shot that passes through the target for 100 yards, hitting all other targets in its way before expiring.
  • Splinter Shot – Fire an arrow that splits into three, dealing 150% weapon damage.


Great Axe

The Great Axe is a two-handed axe with the ability to deal plenty of damage single target with incredible control skills or AOE. Both specs are useful for keeping enemies close, especially for making a dash towards ranged characters in PvP.


  • Charge- a 10m charge that deals 130% weapon damage
  • Reap – Extend your axe and drag opponents to you.
  • Execute – An overhead attack that deals 175% weapon damage. Using execute on an enemy below 50% adds an additional 305 to the total damage.



  • Whirlwind – Spin around dealing 50% weapon damage to all foes in range.
  • Maelstrom – Fast spinning attack that pulls an enemy closer.
  • Gravity Well – Throw your axe and create a Vortex that pulls enemies in.


War Hammer

Warhammers are the slowest weapons in the game, perfect for crushing foes and destroying enemy fortifications with intense damage payoff. The two skill trees are Juggernaut and Crowd Crusher.


  • Armor Breaker – Penetrate through 35% of the target’s armor.
  • Mighty Gavel – An overhead leap that crashes down upon its targets.
  • Wrecking Ball – Fallen an enemy by striking the ground under them.


Crowd Crusher:

  • Shockwave – Sloams the hammer into the ground, sending a shockwave out and stuns those hit for 1.8 seconds.
  • Clear Out – A wide swing that knocks targets back.
  • Path of Destiny – A line ability that deals 125% weapon damage to all those the line hits.



The Musket is an interesting item. The weapon is both a dexterity weapon and an intellect weapon with two very different skill trees.


  • Powder Burn – is all about hitting powerful shots with instant reloads.
  • Power Shot – Overloads the musket with more rounds, dealing increased damage on the next shot.
  • Shooter Stance – Enters a stance that increases the basic weapon damage by an extra 5% and increases the player’s accuracy comes at the cost of having reduced movement speed and field of view though.



The other major skill tree is the Trapper, which is the more CC (crowd control) oriented spec. Like the Sharpshooter, it has increase damage abilities but has knockback attachments. It can also place a trap instead of entering the sharpshooter stance. The abilities are relatively similar otherwise, hence why we haven’t differentiated between the skill names and short descriptions.



The Spear is one of the long-reaching weapons in the game. It also is an effective DoT (damage over time) weapon, designed for bleeding opponents down. Alternatively, it can be a strong duelist with more CC.


  • Cyclone – A spin attack that deals damage within 3 meters and applies a 50% slow.
  • Javelin – Throw your spear like Javelin, staggering the opponent.
  • Sweep – Leg Sweep the opponent, knocking them down.



  • Perforate – Deals damage and applies Rend, lowering the enemies armor value.
  • Skewer – Rush forward and skewer your opponent, applying a bleed and a large amount of base damage.
  • Vault Kick- Vault forward and kick your opponent, stunning them for 1.5 seconds. Can taunt NPCs with the right gem slots.




The hatchet is an axe that can spec into the Berserker or Throwing specs.

Berserking is the Strength-focused spec:

  • Feral Rush – Sprint forward and leap on the target. Deals 215% weapon damage.
  • Berserk – Enters a berserk mode that increases all damage by 20%.
  • Raging Torrent – Perform four very fast attacks.


Throwing is the Dexterity focused spec:

  • Rending Throw – Throw an axe that rends that target armor by 10%.
  • Social Distancing – Throw an axe forward and dash backwards at the same time and slows the enemy by 15%
  • Infected Throw – Throws a powerful axe that inflicts a weakness effect on the target.



The rapier is a fast attack one-handed weapon using dexterity.


  • Tondo – Perform a quick slash dealing damage and applies a bleed, which can stack up to three times.
  • Flourish – Knock back enemies and lunge forwards consuming the bleeds on the target for bonus damage immediately.
  • Flurry – Unleash five very fast attacks on a target.



  • Riposte – Enter a defensive stance for a second and stuns the target for 1.5 seconds if it successfully deflects an attack.
  • Evade – Perform a sidestep and light attack at the same time.
  • Fleche – Lunge 10 meteres forward.



Life Saff

The Life Staff is the healing weapon in New World.


  • Divine Embrace – Heals a  target for 150% weapon damage.
  • Sacred Ground- Create an area on the ground that lasts for 12s and heals 10% weapon damage every second.
  • Splash Of Light- You and all group members are healed for 50% of the weapon’s damage and can dispel one negative debuff.



  • Orb of Protection – Buffs fortify skill by 15%, heals a target for 10% of the weapon’s damage and deals AOE damage.
  • Light’s Embrace – Heals a target for 75%, increased by the 30% for each buff on the target.
  • Beacon – Shoots a light out that heals an ally for 20% weapon damage for each second they are connected with the Beacon.


Fire Staff

The fire staff is the master of destruction in New Worlds. The item is primarily associated with ranged magic damage dealers, using fire as its damage source.

Fire Mage:

  • Pillar fo Fire – A pillar of fire forms at the target, dealing huge damage to the focus target.
  • Meteor Shower – 32 meteors descend down on the target. Each meteor deals 20% of the staff’s damage.
  • Fireball – a fireball flies to the target, dealing big damage to the target, and leaves behind scorched earth that deals bonus damage to those standing within its flames.



  • Incinerate – Knocks back enemies and sets enemies on fire for six seconds.
  • Flamethrower – A jetstream of fire unleashes at the end of your staff.
  • Burnout – Dahs forward and leaves a trail of fire behind.


Ice Gauntlet

The Ice Gauntlet is a weapon that allows the wielder uses the power of ice and frost to their advantage. The weapon is primarily designed with CC (crowd control) and magical damage in mind.

Ice Tempest:

  • Wind Chill, which blasts a beam of freezing winds. pushing back enemies for the first five meters of the beam. The last two meters of the beam do increase damage.
  • Ice Spikes – The wielder creates a trail of spikes in a line in front of the player for eight meters. The spike of the ability is a Mighty Spike, which does increased damage and pushback.
  • Ice Storm – A Ranged attack that slows enemies inside by 25% movements speed for five seconds.



  • Ice Shower – leaves a frosty area down on the ground applying Frostbite to those who enter. Frostbite prevents enemies from sprinting and dodging while slowing speed by 50%.
  • Ice Pylon – A pylon that shoots ice at enemies.
  • Entombed – Form a defensive barrier around yourself, becoming invulnerable and increases mana regen. Players can cancel the entomb effect or wait for ten seconds to pass.


This concludes the New World Weapons list, showing a glimpse of what to expect with every weapon currently in this classless RPG. Have you thought of combination that sounds fun? Let us know in the comments below!

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