New World Linen and Fiber Guide

Here is how to make linen and gather fiber.

New World Linen fiber hemp
Here is a guide to making linen in New World.

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New World has one of the deepest crafting systems in the MMO space. While some of us are familiar with killing humanoids for our cloth, New World actually requires us to craft our own fabrics at a Loom. If you are wondering how to acquire New World linen, here is a guide on making linen and gathering plant fibers.


How to make Linen

To make your first piece of Linen, you first need to find a settlement. Settlements provide access to all the crafting stations for all of New World’s Trade Skills. In this instance, you want to find a Loom, so you can weave your first bit of Aeternuium linen. If you happen to have four fiber, you can make a piece of Linen. This is the basic process for making any cloth on a Loom.


How to get Fiber

New World Hemp and fiber
Here is an example of what hemp looks like, which you need to harvest for fiber.

Fiber is one of the basic materials that plenty of Trade Skills require. While its main function is to craft linen and other fabrics, it is also a crafting part for Fishing Poles and some furniture in the Furnishing Trade Skill.

For those wondering, fiber requires a working sickle to harvest. Make sure you have a sickle on you before heading out into the wilderness, if you dont, you can always craft one or buy one from a settlement’s traders. Now that you have a trusty sickle in your tool belt, head on out and find hemp plants in the meadows. New World hemp is very tall and further identifiable by its golden, brown, or purply flower variations. You can find these growing wildly near towns and cities, or near water sources. If you need a good spot of New World hemp, then head slightly south from the bridge that connects Windsward and First Light or along the lake the bridge arches over. If those clusters of hemp aren’t there, you may acquire some at the northwest corner of Dayspring Mills. Remember that you need four fiber to make one piece of linen cloth in New World.


This concludes our New World linen and fiber guide. If you need any more New World Trade Skill guides, we have a useful iron, silver, and saltpeter guide.

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