New World Iron Ore Guide and Farm Routes

We provide you a few possible iron ore routes for New World's early game

New World Iron Ore Locations
Here is what Iron Ore looks like in New World. Image via Amazon Games.

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If you have crashed upon the completely magical and mystical shores of Aeternum, you may know that the power of iron and steel is ever so important. If you plan on mining your way to greatness in Amazon Games’ New World, then here is our New World iron ore guide fitted with a few farming routes.


Iron Ore Locations

New World iron ore locations are easily found in lower level zones, as it is the first metal you’ll need to level up for Armoring, Weaponsmithing, Furnishing, and other Trade Skills in New World. In higher-level areas, there are several mountainous, hills and cave-themed locations, each with sources of iron.

While you’re exploring the world of Aeternum, you can traverse almost any mountainous or hill range to find Iron ore. An easy way to find them is to open up the map in-game and select the Resource Locations button. The button will open a new pane on the left, showing a legend of Aeternum’s biomes. You’ll likely find something valuable on Aeternum’s hillsides, especially in higher-level zones, and this legend can guide you to those spots.


Beginner Iron Ore Routes

Route 1 in First Light

New World Iron Ore Route
This is one of the earliest iron ore routes you can go on.

Route 1 is the easiest one to do and requires only completing the basic tutorial at Rose Landing to complete. If you head into the cave at Fullmoon Den, then you can even grab some Silver ore. There are a couple of wolves that spawn in the cave but they are not particularly difficult to kill. We advise you to reach level 5 and have some food on you to heal after battling the wolves.

Route 2 First Light

New World Iron Ore Route
This route contains more iron, silver and saltpeter, but has tougher baddies for an early game zone.

The second route in First Light is a little more challenging, requiring you to be roughly level 15 before heading off into the wilderness. The reason why is because it takes you further north of Dayspring Mills, which is a level 9 area. Some of the hostiles there are between levels 10-15, with another Wolf Den called Greymane Burrow.

Note that we have yet to confirm if these are the most optimal routes. The New World map has changed since alpha and beta and may change come New World’s full release. These are mere suggestions to get you started on collecting some of New World’s iron ore.

New World Saltpeter

While on these routes, you may come across some of the New World Saltpeter spawns. Like Iron Ore, Saltpeter can spawn in caves or on highland biomes. However, it is much harder to stumble upon but worth picking up due to its limited availability. Our routes are marked with labels with a few known spawns for Saltpeter (and Silver for that matter).


Are these New World iron ore locations worth digging around for? Do you know any other large areas of iron ore deposits? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you liked this guide, why not check out other New World guides we made?

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