Naraka Bladepoint demo draws 160k peak players

A demo has taken over steam!

NARAKA BLadepoint demo
The Naraka bladepoint demo has taken steam by storm. Image via 24 Entertainment

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24 Entertainment’s Chinese Battle Royale, NARAKA: Bladepoint has drawn in over 161k peak players during its final beta. The currently active final beta, aka the NARAKA Bladepoint demo, is taking the genre by storm ahead of its full release on August 12.

NARAKA Bladepoint is a Battle Royale the includes similar action hack and slash mechanics expected from JRPG and East Asians titles. The game has 60 players competing against each other, with high mobility,  parkour, and grappling hooks to manoeuvre around the map. Furthermore, the game adopts medieval and ancient weaponry, equipped with its own spin to bring an entirely new spin on the genre.

How to play NARAKA: Bladepoint demo

If you want to get in on the massively popular and trending BR, it is easy to do so. As it stands, the game is in its final beta phase taking place through June 16 -22. Furthermore, the game is available to play for free on Steam. Simply head over to the game’s Steam Page and look at the game before its launch on August 12.

Although, be warned the game is quite demanding. The NARAKA Bladepoint demo and the full game require a powerful PC to play even at minimum settings.

NARAKA: Bladepoint Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU: I4 4th Gen processor or AMD FX 6300
  • GPU GTX 1050TI or NVIDIA or AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 8GB
  • OS Windows 10
  • HDD: 20GB

Recommended Specs

  • CPU: I7 7th gen or equivalent
  • GPU: GTX 1060 or NVIDIA and AMD equivalent.
  • RAM 16GB
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Storage: 20GB free on an SSD

Remember, the game is only free for a limited time. Although, 24 Entertainment is currently running promotions to get a free full release copy, rather than paying full price. Either way, it is nice to see a game recently showcased at E3 getting so much attention so soon after it got so many eyes from E3.