All The Naraka: Bladepoint Characters So Far

Hack-and-Slash Heroes.

naraka bladepoint characters
You'd think that in a battle royale situation she'd want to wear less red.

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Naraka: Bladepoint is an interesting hack-and-slash battle royale game from 24 Entertainment and NetEase, where players can make several choices that will determine their fates before even dropping into the map to face other players.

Not only are there eleven weapons to master, but there are seven characters to choose from, so using the right character’s abilities —and even knowing the differences between each move’s three variations—  will undoubtedly prove essential.

With that in mind, we’ve written this guide to the Naraka: Bladepoint characters to assist you and give you a leg up on the competition.


She looks a bit like a young Bayonetta.


F Skill: Ward

Ultimate: Sacred Circle

Kurumi is a support hero. Her Ward skill lasts about 30 seconds and will heal both herself and one other person on her team. While linked by the ability, she can also instantly teleport to her wardee. Kurumi can’t attack and heal at the same time, so her players are putting a lot of trust in their team to keep them alive.

Sacred Circle is an AoE (area of effect) spell and can heal everyone within it’s casting circle for 15 seconds. If using the right talent build, her ultimate can add armour instead, remove negative effects, or even instantly heal Kurumi’s entire squad.


Not everyone can pull off a feather cape and a corset.


F Skill: Silent Flutter

Ultimate: Unseen Wings

Matari is best for players that want to go on the offensive. Her Silent Flutter ability allows for her to teleport forward. The longer you charge it, the further you’ll jump. Interestingly, she leaves behind a marker that allows her to instantly snap back to where she came from, so it can be used for scouting and then disappearing if she gets into trouble.

When you pop her ultimate Unseen Wings, she’ll go invisible for 25 seconds. Silent Flutter’s cooldown decreases too. This one can be modified to make the entire team go invisible for 12 seconds, which is a very versatile skill to have.


Tarka Ji looks like a JRPG protagonist with that sword.

Tarka Ji

F Skill: Inner Fire

Ultimate: Blackout

Tarka Ji is a defensive hero that uses his opponent’s offense against them. His Inner Fire allows him to block and counter attacks. We recommend you upgrade it to Gigaflame, which allows him to store energy after successful blocks and release it as a massive fire attack that knocks back his foes.

Blackout boosts both Tarka’s agility and increases his chance of dodging non-exploding projectiles. If upgraded with Frenzy, he will gain attack power but he’ll burn through his rage (required for ultimate moves) quicker. This is okay though, as he’ll also be able to increase his rage with normal attacks from that point on.


naraka bladepoint characters
This guy likes to wear skulls.


F Skill: Zephyr Wind

Ultimate: Zephyr Prison

Temulch is one of the weirdest characters in the game, as he’s a summoner. With Zephyr Wind he can summon Wisp Wards that protect him from attacks, track enemies and deal damage to foes

Zephyr Prison is a move that knocks back and slows nearby enemies, although other people playing Temulch are immune to being slowed by it. Upgrade this with the Summon talent to have even more Wisp Ward servants for 12 seconds.


naraka bladepoint characters
How very Sun Wukong.


F Skill: The Divine Bell

Ultimate: Titan’s Call

Tianhai is another defender, so have him take the lead. Divine Bell basically makes him immune to attacks of all types. If upgraded with Counter it will also disarm foes, while Blast knocks back enemies instead. Sadly, both of these upgrades make it so that he can’t use his Divine Bell when already being attacked, so Tianhai players will have to act decisively and hope their team follows suit.

With Titan’s Call, Tianhai turns into a giant monk. In this state you’ll heal while gaining the ability to pick up your enemies and crush them into the dirt. You can also pick up friends, if you’d like to replenish their health and armor. As a bonus in this form you get a stomp, which will stop enemies escaping with their grappling hooks. There is very little escape from a giant Tianhai.


naraka bladepoint characters
Oh we get it now —she wore a red dress to hide all the blood from her enemies.

Viper Ning

F Skill: Yushan Enigma

Ultimate: Twilight Crimson

Viper Ning is a crowd controller and can use her Yushan Enigma energy attack to push enemies wherever she wants them to be. With Lockdown she’ll semi-silence enemies and prevent them from using skills or ultimates, though it sort of improves their focus moves.

Twilight Crimson stuns all enemies in the immediate area, including ones that are invisible. This can give Viper Ning the advantage in scrappy encounters. Her Seal talent will give her a second silence, but make her stun basically useless. Unchained on the other hand will let Viper move while channeling spells —and even stop foes using skills or ultimates, but it removes her stun altogether, which is a bit of a raw deal.


naraka bladepoint characters
She’s a guest star from a NetEase Strategy game called Onmyoji.

Yoto Hime

F Skill: Spirit Slash

Ultimate: Ominous Blade

Guest character Yoto Hime (from Onmyoji) is an attacker through and through, with throwable swords and the ability to blink and chase her opponents like Phantom Assassin in DOTA2. While Spirit Slash is on cooldown Yoto Hime gains the chance to block projectile attacks. Defeating an enemy resets her cooldown, so aggressive play is very rewarded.

Ominous Blade basically has Yoto Hime slash three times with a buster sword, although the weapon can also be thrown. A perk of the Ominous Blade is that enemies hit with it have their health bars revealed, so you’ll know who to put the pressure on to reset the cooldown on Spirit Slash.

How does character customization work?

In the hero tab you can press the ‘appearance’ button to change the outfit, haircut and even the face of the Naraka: Bladepoint characters. It’s customization systems are very deep and you could definitely get lost in them for hours, should that be what you’re into.

Along with the several preset faces that are available to choose from, you can use the various sliders to make just about any character you can think of. It can even be used to make faces that are asymmetrical. If you want to be truly immersed (or terrified) you can also scan your own face into the game from a photo.

NetEase have been sharing user screenshots of custom Naraka Bladepoint characters on social media, and some of the fan creations have been truly wild.


What do you think of Naraka: Bladepoint? Which character do you like to play most? Got a sweet tip on how to build a particular character? Share it in the comments below. Interested in online multiplayer combat? Then why not check out our Mortal Kombat 11 tier list too?