WoW Classic: The Best TBC addons worth getting

Here are the best general addons to improve your TBC Classic experience

Best TBC Addons WoW Logo
There are many addons for World of Warcraft. Here are the best to use for TBC Classic. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

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World of Warcraft’s TBC launch is on June 1st, allowing players to return to Outland and begin or recommence journeys from 2007. With how big the game is, along with the various new mechanics to the game, there’s plenty to keep on top of. Here are some of the best TBC addons and mods worth grabbing to improve your gameplay experience.

The best TBC Addons for general use

Atlas Loot

Atlas Loot was great of an addon; eventually, Blizzard baked it into the default UI. AL is a big deal for players looking to go through every dungeon in the game and look at the loot that can come from dungeons and Raids. It allows every player the opportunity to isolate gear they want to farm and earn for their character, giving you the details of each boss’ loot table in each dungeon.


One of TBC’s most prominent features is the lengthy process of attuning characters to content. Many quest chains, dungeons, and more are needed to access some of TBC’s more difficult content, such as Karazhan. The addon helps track a character’s progression for every raid and dungeon requiring an attunement process. It easily one of the best TBC addons for keeping track of your main objectives.


WoW Best TBC addond Auctionater
Auctionator makes it easier to list auctions, buy and scan for items on the old-school AH. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Auctionator is one of the best TBC addons simple because it vastly improves one of Blizzard’s lacklustre features. The Auction House in WoW has gone through many upgrades over time, with BFA having the last major AH functionality update. Since we have gone back to when the AH was very basic, old school add-ons like Auctionator have returned. Auctionator makes using the Auction House more fluid to buy, sell, and scan listings. It is a must pick up because of the quality of life to even the most casual user.

Big Debuffs

Big debuffs is a modern WoW addon that has picked up a lot through BFA and Shadowlands. However, with its popularity ever-growing, the addon is now in TBC Classic too. Its purpose is to make it much easier to track CC, debuffs and important buffs on enemies and your allies. For example, a frost mage using an ice barrier will have the icon in their profile, with CC on targets getting a big symbol of the spell on their nameplate, along with timers. It makes it easier to track what spell is used on what mob or player, making it easier to coordinate and succeed in PvE and PvP content. For this reason, this is one of the best TBC addons taking modern solutions to older games.

Boss Mods

Okay, so there are two very good options for boss mods in TBC: Deadly Boss Mods and Big Wiggs. Deadly Boss Mods, aka DBM is the old school boss management addon informing players of tactics on the fly. The addon was around in 2007, helping players get good at the game, whether in dungeons or raids. It pops up in the middle of the screen, telling you to taunt, stand out of the fire, or silence things, etc.

On the other hand, a new boss addon has launched in retail wow called Big Wiggs. Big Wiggs’ difference is much more customizable, as it allows players to emphasise boss spells, create timers, and more. Regular casual players will prefer DBM, while the more coordinated advanced players will prefer Big Wiggs. Either way, both are worth being on the best TBC addons list. Both addons are great for TBC Classic; the selling point for either addon depends on your skill level.


Details is a major improvement over the recount addon that existed back then. It is heavily modular, allowing players to look at the exact detail they want in many different styles. Moreso, it has plugins for threat meters, hitting two birds with one stone. Damage dealers, Healers, and Tanks can now rejoice with a meter addon that gives them the best information they need and in a style they want. For that reason, Details deserves a spot on the best TBC addons list.

Extended Character Stats

One of the many RPG characteristics of old school World of Warcraft is the many in-game stats. Every class interacts with stats differently, and TBC changes the coefficiency of many of these stats for every class. Some classes get more attack power from certain stats while getting less mana regen or entirely different regen mechanics to other classes. Due to these differences, an addon like Extended Character Stats makes it easier to calculate how many stats you get from each item. A must for any TBC player taking the game seriously and wants the best for their character.

Gather Mate

World of Warcraft Classic Mine
Gather Mate makes it easier to track crafting resources like mining nodes. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Gather Mate is the best TBC addon for tracking gathering professions. The core of the addon is to record the exact location of any fishing, mining, herb, gas cloud and other gathering spots for a specific item. Eventually, an entire zone can get mapped by simply gathering profession materials, helping to inform players of potential farming routes they can partake in for gold and crafting.


TBC is the first expansion that introduces the Arena PvP feature to the game. Teams consisting of 2, 3, or 5 players can get involved with the new feature, climb the ladder and unlock powerful gear based on their elo. One of the best ways to climb rating is by using PvP focused addons, such as Gladius. The addon provides new nameplates designed to create new information panels for your enemies. The bar tracks Health, Mana, and Trinket usage, so you can coordinate on key targets to win games.

Leatrix Maps

Leatrix Maps get rid of the old school map in the Blizzard UI and adds way more functionality. Players get better information relating to locations of NPC in towns, such as flight points. Furthermore, there is better cartography for exploration and enhanced battlegrounds maps.


Questie is one of the best TBC addons for the old school levelling. Blizzard never made an advanced quest tracker until Cataclysm, so this addon fills the gap. Questie is filled with useful quest related information, locations, and hand-in locations. The addon is also getting a splash up for TBC, making sure gamers get to level through Outland with ease, as they did in WoW Classic’s launch in 2019. As it stands, the addon is also updated for 2.5.1, the patch number associated with the TBC prepatch, meaning it is up to date and ready for launch. Saying that the developers are on their way to sprucing it up further for TBC will undoubtedly make it even better.

Special Mentions

Totem Timers

Totem Timers is an addon designed explicitly for Shamans, improving the quality of life on their totem management and other Shaman exclusive mechanics. Each Totem has a flyout menu of that element’s spells. Left-clicking a spell on that menu spawns the totem, while right-clicking selects that as the default totem. The icons also reveal the length of the totem. To save a set of totems for future use, right-click the ankh symbol to jump back to it. Totem Timers is easily one of the best TBC addons for a Shaman and a specific class.


Healbot is the most famous healing addon for older World of Warcraft expansions. While there are certainly better addons designed for the modern game, ported to TBC Classic, Healbots remains true to the game back then. Healbot is a tried and tested addon for TBC, and will remain one of the best TBC addons for Healers. It combines spell categorisation through keys and has the option to dispel built into its functionality.

Pally Power

Old School Paladin is one of the best support classes in the game, providing players with countless buffs through blessings, seals, and auras. With so many supportive elements, it can be difficult to keep an eye on buffs falling for allies. Pally Power simply makes it so a Paladin can look at a grid, see the classes in the raid or group, and assign appropriate buffs. When there are several Paladins in a raid group, you can assign different Paladins to handle specific buffs, since different talent specializations grant improved buffs. When Pally Power detects you have not put a buff on your managed classes, it lights red to highlight the need to buff them. On the other hand, classes the Paladin has buffed turn green. It is easily one of the best TBC addons for Pallys, although, only Paladins really need to get it.