The Best WoW Addons in 2021 for PvE, PvP, and more

The best WoW Addons for PvE, PvP, Gold Making, Collectables, and more

Best WoW Addons
Here are some of the best World of Warcraft addons, Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

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World of Warcraft has lots of different features and game modes to play. If you want to get the most out of the game, here are some of the best WoW addons to enhance your experience. We break down the best WoW addons for PvE, PvP, RP, Gold Making and more.

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Big Debuffs

Big debuffs is an addon all about making it even more obvious what is going on with your enemies. Enemy mobs that can get CC’d or buff themselves using a cooldown will become cleared. A giant debuff slot will appear on the enemy, showing they are using a cooldown such as Combustion and Wings or showing them trapped in a CC and its duration time. Furthermore, it will also keep an eye on your allies, such as following an allies temporary shield duration or defensive cooldown like Shield Wall on party frames. Its ultimate goal is to display information, and in team settings like Mythic+ and Arena, it is much easier to communicate CC, kicks, and more. We highly recommend this addon for all skill players, easily making it one of the best WoW addons to date.

Boss Mods

Grabbing one of the many Boss Mods is necessary to the game. It makes on the fly tactics easy to pick up and adapt while providing on the move tips for clearing content. There are two major ones, such as Big Wigs and Deadly Boss Mods.

The difference between the two is night and day. Deadly Boss Mods, aka DBM is the old school boss management addon informing players of tactics on the fly. The core of the addon tells players tactics as and when they happen, such as dodge this, taunt now, don’t stand in the fire. It easy to use, and the player generally reacts to it on the fly. Overall is an easy pick up for casual players learning content.

On the other hand, a new boss addon has launched in retail WoW called Big Wigs. Big Wigs differentiates itself through its customization, as it allows players to emphasise boss spells, create timers, and more. However, it doesn’t necessarily tell you what to do when mechanics pop up as and when. Great for more tactical and planning players, not so great for casual players. The choice is yours. However, both are easily some of the best WoW addons available.


Every player needs to track just how they are doing, whether healing or dealing damage to the enemy. Details does that perfectly, with update settings set to the player’s need. The added benefit over this addon to recount is the number of window sizes, multiple information monitors, personal stylization, and varying tracking tools and extended plugins. Because of its efficiency at data collection and personalization, it is the best in its department.

Raider IO

Raider IO
Raider IO is one of the compulsory third party Mythic+ addons out there. Image via Raider IO.


With the huge focus of the retail game shifting towards Mythic+, the community has naturally developed addons around the feature. The most popular of them all is the Raider IO, which essentially creates an elo for your character by completing different levels of dungeons. The higher the difficulty, the more points the character gets. Successfully finishing the dungeon in certain time frames grant even more score. Consequently, players want the best players they can find for their pug groups, and the addon acts as a way of filtering out the quality of player for the desired key level. 

Furthermore, Raider IO has gained so much information that almost all players are tracked on its third party website. For players who want to take Raider IO seriously, it is by up there with the best WoW addons and almost a needed one.

Threat Plates

For anyone who wants to take advantage of Mythic+ or Battlegrounds, threat Plates might be a solid option. For addon has plenty of functionality, allowing players to customize enemy nameplates and a character’s buffs and debuffs. You can change the size of the plate while changing the auras to show off buffs, debuffs and cooldowns at different sizes. Great for those wanting to purge or spell steal stuff in either PvE and PvP settings. 

TomCats Addon Suite

TomCats is easily one of the best WoW addons for your everyday gameplay. With so many modern expansions focusing on killing rares for treasures and more, this addon helps track those. The addon puts markers on your maps in relevant zones, allowing the player to hover over them to reveal what they drop. It is great for those looking to farm old mounts from MoP, WoD, Legion, BFA and Shadowlands, or those wanting catchup gear on alts in Timeless Isle style content.

Trade Skill Master

Trade Skill Master (TSM) is an advanced level Auction House addon that collects data, overhauls the AH and vendor UIs, and process information on a third party website. The addon is very good at collecting information across various realms to inform better mean, medium and mode prices, auto, buying up auctions at certain prices, and automatically posting items you want on the AH. It is the most in-depth AH addon in the game and one that sees gold makers earn the most money.

Alternatively, if you want a much simpler experience, Auctionater and Auctioneer are much less complicated to use. The idea behind these addons is to simply monitor current prices so you can get an idea of item value in the AH while offering an excellent way to buy and sell items. Go with one of these two if you don’t want to deal with the complicated process of TSM.

Weak Auras

Weak Auras is the most customizable addon, that can even devalue many other function-specific addons completely. For example, a Priest can make a Weak Aura to pick up when an assigned DPS has pressed their cooldowns so that you can sync it up with Power Infusion. Alternatively, you can set yourself reminders to not stand in mechanics that kill you, as seen in boss mods. Or you can even create reminders to buff yourself and your allies with markers popping up of buffs you don’t have. It really is that useful for absolutely everything in the game as the possibilities are endless.

Although Weak Auras is not a beginner-friendly addon, it requires some foresight, research, and familiarity before getting good. Despite this, many players post their weak auras on Wago IO, so you can always grab third party weak auras if you’re not up for learning to build your own auras.

Best WoW PvP Addons

Ability Team Tracker

Abiltiy Team Tracker is a nice addon that tracks your allies cooldowns, trinkets, kicks and more. The more part is ideal for players who use spell macros to assist allies or enemies as it highlights which player is party 2 and party 3, so you don’t misuse your macros. This addon is more preference than anything as Omni CD is another addon that doe similar things and is equally just as good.

Battleground Enemies

Battleground enemies are your must-have addon for Rater BGs. The addon creates a new user interface, collecting every enemy’s names and classes on the other team. It can make it easier to call targets for your DPS to collapse, whether those were attacking your healers or prioritizing their healers. It is also a nice addon to have for random battlegrounds, as it generally neatens the experience for every battleground in the game.

Don’t Cast

One of the more underutilized addons out there is a great learning tool for beginners. Don’t cast simple warns a player if their ability to use will get eaten up if they use it. A Death Knight’s Anti Magic Shell activation will warn spell casters about using magic damage against it as it easts spell damage, while BoP warns physical users not to attack them. It also helps to avoid players attacking polymorph or cycloned targets, making it less likely players waste time hitting targets they don’t want to or need to. There’s plenty of functionality to it, so the ones listed above are just examples of its usability. If you are a beginner, consider this addon as it is one of the best WoW Addons focused on beginners in PvP.

Gladiator Lossa

Gladiator Lossa is a lightweight addon designed for PvP. Instead of monitoring information using visual addons, it uses audio to inform the player. A Mage popping Combustion is highlighted through the speech, helping to keep the player focused rather than being overburdened with visual information from addons. Considering voice addons are not that common, this is one of the best wow addons out there using voice.


Gladius best wow pvp addon
Gladius is one of the best PvP addons.

Still to this day, Gladius remains one of the best Arena addons in the game, simply down to its functionality. It places frames on your screen of enemy combatants, detailing their health, mana, diminishing returns, trinket usage, spell cast and dispel type. For those looking for something more advanced, there is Galdoius Ex, which adds a few more features like ability history, cooldown trackers, and more. Ex isn’t entirely necessary due to the modular customization of other addons like Omni.

Nameplate Cooldowns

Nameplate cooldowns place cooldowns for every class on their nameplate. This is a nice tracking addon great for beginners as it shows absolute everything that is essential to monitor. However, the nameplates can get a little cluttered. Ideally, this is for players new to the arena who want as much basic information as possible to learn. ONce when you get more use to Arenas, you can switch up to more modular adons like Omni bar. 

Omni Bar

Omni Bar is an addon with a placeable bar on your screen that monitors your enemies trinket, offensive and defensive cooldowns. The purpose of this is to inform the players of what targets are attempting to reset and survive for their next cooldown window or set up a kill window. Furthermore, monitoring enemy players who don’t have any defensives or a trinket can inform you of a kill target during your matches.In the omnibar options settings, you can manually select what abilities you want it to track for every class. Therefore, it is great for learning to PvP and the most advanced players who want every detail.

Omni CD

Likewise, Omni CD is a fantastic addon for keeping track of personal defensive cooldowns and your allies cooldowns. It has several bars which can get moved around at will. During games, it will live updates and when defensives and PvP trinkets are pressed, giving timers on their return. It helps keep track of these important aspects, informing the users when a healer needs to use an external cooldown to save their ally or use a personal.


sArena is another PvP addon that is a smaller version of Gladius. The addon is designed more with a better look and feel than Gladius but offers the same usability. It tracks the usual spell casts, diminishing returns, cooldown usage, trinkets, spec, pet bars and more. Likewise, the addon is one of those alternative suggestions for players looking for their own style and comfort.

Best WoW RP Addons

Better Wardrobe and Transmog

Better Transmog is a nice addon for anyone who wants a better experience managing transmog items. Image via Curse Forge

Better Wardrobe and Transmog is one of the best WoW addons for anyone who loves changing their appearances or collecting new items. It has plenty of functionality to highlight players getting new transmog items and focusing on items you still need to get from particular instances, zones, and sets. Furthermore, it connects with other addons like TSM as you set wishlists to scoop up BoE appearances while integrating Wowhead’s collection of saved sets for inspiration.


Immersion is a user face overhaul for quests in the game. Any NPC you speak to gets a floating head as they speak to you about quests. Also, you’ll get a different backdrop to your quest rewards, adding transparency to the backdrop to keep some immersion to the zone.

Total RP 3

Total RP 3 is easily the best WoW addon for RP purposes. The addon makes role-playing much easier, with better emote functionality, setting up unique backstories to characters, and find other active roleplaying users. If you ever plan on going to a roleplay server, this addon is a great companion for all the activities you could find yourself on.


Overall, there are plenty of addons to choose from. We have given an indication of some of the best WoW addons for beginners as well as some of the more advanced addons for PvE and PvP. Everyone will no doubt find something useful to get them started for all sorts of content in World of Warcraft.