RimWorld of Magic – Setup Guide and Gameplay ideas

Here is how to setup the RimWorld of Magic Mod, along with a few gameplay ideas.

RimWorld of Magic Mod
RimWorld of Magic is a great mod that adds lots of magical aspect to RimWorld's gameplay. Image via RimWorld of Magic devs / Ludeon Studios.

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RimWorld of Magic is a fan-made mod for the RPG strategy survival game, RimWorld. The Rimworld of Magic mod is unique, as it is the only major mod that adds in magical spells, classes, and other fantasy-inspired aspects for characters to enjoy. If you want some ideas for playing with the mod, or perhaps you want a setup guide, we have you covered.

What is RimWorld of Magic?

The RimWorld of Magic mod has an impressive list of features, enough to constitute being a fan-made expansion for RimWorld. The core of the mod adapts the combat focus of the game by adding classes. It means that you can find characters that are either a magical or combat class similar to those in fantasy settings. You will come across mystical classes like Conjurors, Druids, Priests, and various types of Mages. If close or ranged combat is more your thing, then tempt your colonists toward classes like the Knight, Ranger, Rogue and more.

Central to the RimWorld of Magic mod is the concept of Pawns. A Pawn is essentially a blank character, which starts with a natural affinity either towards magic or fighting. Look for characters with these markers, then get them a Tome for you class you want them to become. Once when they learn a tome, they’ll become that class, getting new abilities to use. However, some classes grant personality traits, which can be both positive and negative.

To make the mod even better, the developers recommend installing the Prepare Carefully mod, allowing you to create ready-made colonists with your chosen class, from the get-go. If you’re interested in the RimWorld Ideology expansion, then perhaps you can make a religious Holy Order filled with Paladins. Let your imagination take you on a journey!

Furthermore, the mod adds in its own tech tree. Expect to see tech levels for Enchanting, new gear crafts for classes, and other magical artifacts. Overall, it is a very big mod, brimming with new content and storylines to create.

How to Setup RimWorld of Magic

First off, you’ll need to download and install the RimWorld of Magic mod. If you play RimWorld via Stream the easiest place to get the file is from the Steam Workshop, as it will automatically sync up with Steam’s RimWorld directory. However, if you play on GOG or other platforms, then you can head to places like GitHub to manually download it. For Steam users specifically, there is a Minimal Collection that contains all the necessary mod files, plus a few extras that improve RimWorld of Magic’s gameplay experience. Unfortunately, there is no such mod pack on other third party mod sites. We recommend working out the other major mods in that pack and finding alternative download pages yourself, chances are you’ll already have them anyway.

If you have ever played any of the big RimWorld modding projects, such as the RimWorld Multiplayer Mod, then you’ll know it can be a bit of a hassle to setup. You’re required to restructure the mod list every time a mod is added that needs several other mods to operate. To do that, open up the RimWorld client and click on the Mods button in the menu. At the bottom of the page that lists all the installed mods, you’ll see that there is an auto-sort mod, which will work out what order mods need to be in. Sadly, this feature does not prioritize the mod order for RimWorld of Magic very effectively. This means that you’ll need to manually sort some of the mods yourself.

The general rule of thumb is that the core files and necessary mod tools need to go to the top. The mod order should be as follows:

  • Harmony
  • Core
  • DLC (Royalty and Ideology, presuming you have purchased any of them)
  • Hugs Lib (shares functionality between mods)
  • JecsTools (adds in the core code to make spellcasting and other features for other mods work)
  • RimWorld of Magic
  • Almost every other mod

Mod Compatibility

The general rule of thumb is that the higher the mod is on the list, the more likely it is that the RimWorld client will prioritize the code. This way, if there are any compatibility issues, then the game has something to prioritize. The less important mods should typically be at the bottom, especially those that expand on content rather than create new features.

Obviously, if you have any other mod that specifically mentions it needs to go above or below something, then auto-sort or manually adjust as necessary. Due to the need to place Harmony, Hugs, and JecsTools high up on the Mod List, it does mean that RimWorld of Magic is compatible with other mods (Combat Extended included). If there are any overhaul mods out there, then you’ll need to check with the specific mod.

Sadly, RimWorld of Magic is not compatible with the Multiplayer Mod. In fact, the RimWorld Multiplayer Mod specifically pops up a warning saying “Just no. Way too many issues.” when it realizes the magic mod is activated. So now you know!

This concludes our RimWorld of Magic guide. Let us know your mystical stories and adventures in the comments below!

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