RimWorld Multiplayer Mod Guide – Survive Space with Friends

Here is a quick guide on what to do and how to setup a RimWorld Multiplayer game.

RimWorld Multiplayer Mod
Here is how to get RimWorld multiplayer up and running for you and your friends. Image via Ludeon Studios.

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RimWorld is a popular survival strategy game, featuring incredibly deep modding tools and plenty of customization and playthrough options. With so many different ways to play the game single-player, a group of modders have decided to turn the game multiplayer. So, if you want to go online and build a colony or colonies with friends, that is supported. Here is all you need to know with our RimWorld Multiplayer guide.

How to Play RimWorld Multiplayer

First up, you and your friends will need to download the Multiplayer mod. Simply head over to RimWorld’s Steam Workshop page and download the RimWorld Multiplayer mod. Also, if you want to use mods, we recommend the Multiplayer Compatibility Mod. The MCM Is an optional mod that the multiplayer page links to anyway, so you can hit two birds with one stone on the RimWorld Workshop page.

When it comes to playing the RimWorld Multiplayer mod, you’ll need to structure your mods in this order:

  1. Harmony
  2. Core game
  3. Royalty DLC
  4. Multiplayer
  5. Multiplayer Compatibility Mod
  6. Every other mod


An example of what the multiplayer mod list could look like depending on your preference. Image via Ludeon.

If any are in the wrong spot, chances are the multiplayer lobby will not work, will crash, or eventually desync players. Also, you’ll have to share your mod list with your friends. They’ll need to have the same mods from the Workshop; otherwise, that will cause issues too. It could be worth exporting your modlist into a Workshop folder, so your friends can get the same addons as you in one convenient place.

The final step for setting up a multiplayer RimWorld session is a designated host. If you or your friends plan to host the RimWorld session, there will be some networking involved. Whoever is hosting will need to forward their router’s ports so the intended players can join.

Port forwarding

If you plan on hosting a RimWorld multiplayer game, you’ll need to forward the 30502 UDP port. To do so, find your router’s default gateway by opening typing the Command Prompt “CMD” in Windows and then typing in “ipconfig”. This will retrieve your IP information, including the IPv4/6 and the local IP, which are all necessary if you plan on creating a dedicated server. After retrieving said default gateway, input that number into your browser of choice’s search bar to access your router’s login page. If you don’t know your router’s password then ask a resident or find the default password on the router itself.

Once inside the router settings, find the port forwarding section and follow the on-screen instructions to forward the 30502 UDP port. After the port is forwarded, you should be ready to host. Setup a multiplayer session through the usual New Game menu option, and simply invite the participants through Steam or via the public IPv4 address you got earlier.

Warning: Do not share your IPV4 address beyond those you intend to play with. Giving away an IPV4 address makes it easier for others to get closer to your router, PC and other electronics on the network. With the warning out of the way here is the gameplay you can expect in the RimWorld Multiplayer mod.

RimWorld Multiplayer Gameplay

The concept of the RimWorld Multiplayer Mod is to play the way you play the base game – but with friends. The host of the game will create characters for a new save, along with the game mode, difficulty and the storytelling AI associated with the save. Once the game world is created, play the game as normal with multiplayer ticked, and invite your friends in.

When multiple players are in the same game, you can all control the same things. This means everyone can control all the characters, assign jobs, create zones, force colonists on jobs, etc.

Therefore, we recommend creating different scenarios. Maybe have one player control a class or job that they wants to specialize in. Alternatively, some players may want to control their own base and take a few colonists to set that up. It is completely up to you how you and your friends want to play the game. Use your imagination and go wild, but don’t invite more than eight players, as the mod developers warn it can get rather unstable with any more than that.

Remember to have fun with this ambitious RimWorld Mod, and let us know how the multiplayer save went in the comments below!  

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