Best Subnautica Mods 2021 – QMod, Nitrox, and more!

If you’ve been treading water in Subnautica, rescue your interest by grabbing hold of a mod or two

nitrox multiplayer mod
Nitrox is the best Subnautica mod for multiplayer

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As good as the vanilla version of a game often is, it can always be improved with a mod or few. This is as true for underwater survival game Subnautica as it is with the likes of GTA V or Skyrim, with fan-made add-ons that can add everything from small quality of life improvements, to adding vast swathes of great new content.

In the case of Subnautica (and it’s Below Zero sequel), many of the best mods we’ve selected are very much about improving and streamlining the base game rather than expanding it. Given how solid the base game is, that’s been no mean feat for the game’s dedicated modding community.

If you do intend to immerse yourself in the world of Subnautica mods, then it’s worth starting your descent with a program called QModManager. As the name suggests, it’s a third-party tool for managing Subnautica mods, to ensure that any you have installed work seamlessly together. There’s also an addon for QModManager called QModSAM that allows you to more effectively select which mods you want to activate when you start Subnautica. Finally, you should probably install SMLHelper (aka Modding Helper v2), which is a library of tools that many Subnautica mods make use of.

Check out our guide to using QModManager and QModSAM, which is the most efficient way to manage and run most of the very best Subnautica mods.

Nitrox - multiplayer

We’re starting with multiplayer mod Nitrox, not because it’s the most popular Subnautica mod (it’s been downloaded more than a million times, so it probably is)), but because if you’re at all interested in playing Subnautica with friends, you should probably stick solely with Nitrox until you’re ready to move on and try other mods. This is because other mods will often require QModManager to be installed, which conflicts with Nitrox to the point that neither will work.     

Download for: Subnautica

nitrox mod for subnautica

Base Clocks

With this classic Subnautica mod you can construct two types of clock via the Habitat Builder. These can be mounted on the wall and set to display either the current in-game time (useful for knowing if any nocturnal terrors are swimming around outside) or your system time (useful for knowing if dawn is about to break through the window and make you regret not going to bed earlier). We consider ignorance to be bliss, but you may think otherwise.   

Download for: Subnautica

Requires: QModManager, SMLHelper 

base clocks mod for subnautica

Prawn Upgrade Access

The Prawn Suit is an anthropomorphic submersible, aka an armored diving suit for walking along the sea bed. What’s great about it is that it has arm tools, such as drills and hooks, that you can swap out to perform different tasks. What’s not great is that you normally have to exit the suit to change arms. Thankfully, the Prawn Upgrade Access mod allows you to stay warm and dry while you prepare your mechanical limbs for their next underwater assignment.

Download for: Subnautica

prawn access upgrade mod for subnautica

Salubrious Swivel Chair

What kind of utter monster creates swivel chairs in a game that don’t swivel? Thankfully, someone has gone around and oiled them all so that they spin as nature intended. With this Subnautica mod installed, you can sit and spin at three different speeds (press ‘jump’ with the movement keys to experience extreme cheek-rippling rotation), or spin the chair while standing to it. The chairs will keep their orientation when you save the game too, even if you later disable the mod.   

Download for: Subnautica

Requires: QModManager, SMLHelper (v2.11) 

subnautica swivel chair mod


If you feel the number of quick slots is rather paltry next to the number of tools you can assign to them, MoreQuckSlots is the best Subnautica mod to help you out. Once installed, you can edit how many slots you need (up to 12) and assign the keyboard shortcuts that will activate each one. True, it’s not the most exciting mod, but it will save you all that time otherwise spent rooting around in your inventory.

Download for: Subnautica

Requires: QModManager

More Quick Slots for Subnautica

Resource Monitor

Being able to look on a screen to see what resources are available in lockers throughout your base is incredibly handy. With this mod you can construct two sizes of Resource Monitor, associate them with your storage lockers and even take resources from the monitor rather than have to open up the locker itself. If someone could invent one of these for our office fridge, that would be great.  

Download for: Subnautica, Below Zero (v1.0.6)

Requires: QModManager, SMLHelper

Subnautica resource monitor mod

Oxygen Warning in Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode can be very unforgiving at the best of times, but the fact that it disables the ability for your diving suit to tell you when you’re about to die is something of an oversight. It’s a bit like having an alarm clock that refuses to give you the time. Anyway, with the tiny Oxygen Warning in Hardcore Mode mod installed, no longer should you lose your life just because you stayed submerged a few seconds longer than you intended.   

Download for: Subnautica

Requires: QModManager

hardcore oxygen warning


Survival game developers have a tendency to feature the most basic of map functionality – if they can be bothered to create any at all. It’s understandable to a degree, but when the game in question has all the other trappings of future technology, you’d think a proper map would be among the most basic quality-of-life features available. In the case of Subnautica, it’s been left to modders to create. The good news is that they’ve done an excellent job. The Map mod isn’t just fully featured, it’s sufficiently well integrated into the UI to feel like it’s always been there.  

Download for: Subnautica, Below Zero

Requires: QModManager

subnautica map mod


Crafting in Subnautica isn’t difficult and is actually pretty effortless compared to some survival games we could mention. However, if you wanted to streamline the process, EasyCraft is the Subnautica mod for you. It allows you to craft from blueprints, which is handy. Plus, you can switch between modes that collect resources from storage within the base, or a 100m range.   

Download for: Subnautica, Below Zero

easycraft mod

We’re still in process of collating our definitive list of the best Subnautica mods, so come back at a later date to see what’s new. In the meantime, if you have a favourite Subnautica mod that you think should be included, dive down below and leave us a friendly comment. Thanks!

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