Best RimWorld Mods 2021 – 30 Mods to Download

If you want to experience RimWorld in a whole new way, here are 30 mods we recommend downloading and playing right now!

Best RimWorld Mods
Here are the 30+ RimWorld Mods we recommend downloading right away!. Image via Ludeon Studios.

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Modding is one of gaming’s best aspects. So many players have been able to let their imaginations run wild thanks to mods for plenty of different games. RimWorld is no exception with its survival strategy and role-playing mechanics making it a perfect world for modders. RimWorld developers Ludeon Studios has enabled extensive mod functionality, that you can get so many new features in the game at the push of a (download) button. If you are into your mods and RimWorld, then here are some of the best RimWorld Mods available.

How to get RimWorld Mods

Before we dive deep into the world of RimWorld mods, you’ll need to know where to get the mods from. If you are a Steam user, then you can simply head for the Steam Workshop and explore at your leisure. If, on the other hand, you favor another platform, then you’ll need to download the mods manually. There are a few alternatives to the Steam Workshop, such as RimWorld Base, NexusMods, or GitHub. For non-Steam users, there’s a useful forum post on Ludeon Studios’ website about converting Steam Workshop files.

Essential Mods

Over the years, many mod developers have used core files from other mods to allow their ideas to work – especially for games where multiple mods need to work together. Therefore, we suggest that you should find and install the following four mods before fully embarking on your RimWorld mod journey:

HugsLib is the mod that absolutely every RimWorld mod enthusiast needs. It is one of the core mods in the game that other modders use to get functionality into their published mods.

Jecs Tools builds on HugsLib in a number of ways, but specifically in adding greater functionality for weapon mechanics. Jecs allows the ability to knock away incoming projectiles, changes how projectiles work, add character pawns, and so forth. Any mod that changes combat or uses vehicles in some way will likely need Jecs Tools.

Harmony is a mod that players will want to use if they plan on installing a mod that has shared functionality. As its name suggests, it creates harmony between mods, ensuring compatibility rather than causing issues. That’s the theory anyway.

Humanoid Alien Races is a mod that adds content in and of itself but has also become a crucial mod for other developers. The core of the mod adds extra races to the game, immersing the player even further into the sci-fi setting. It’s so comprehensive that anyone that wants to create new RimWorld races for the game uses the HAR mod as a template. Hence why it’s essential.

Best RimWorld Mods

New Gameplay Features

EdB Prepare Carefully is one of the best RimWorld addons if you want to improve your gameplay experience. It allows you to change to the starting scenario, what you can and can’t start with, as well as modify the characters you begin the game with. Moreover, the character customization aspect allows you to create family members, modify traits, their background and skills. It is certainly better than sitting there and spamming randomize in the base game.

RimWorld is not a native multiplayer game, but some absolute geniuses have created the RimWorld Multiplayer Mod. If you want to go online and play co-op with your friends, then this mod allows you to do just that. Do be aware that this mod does require a bit of technical know-how to get things working properly. Luckily for you, we have a guide on how to get a RimWorld Multiplayer server running.

Vanilla Expanded is easily one of the best mod collections available. It makes it so that every aspect of the base game is bursting with content. The collection of addons expands in-game vents for more storytelling options, for example, as well as increasing food, animal, and furniture variety. We can only hint at the sheer volume of content available, so it’s best you try it for yourself.

If you are a master strategist and would like to perfectly design your colony, then More Planning is one of the best RimWorld mods available. It offers different color patterns so you can coordinate different structures, furniture and much more besides. If you absolutely have to have the best base around, this RimWorld mod will allow to do that perfectly.

RPG mods in RimWorld

Since RimWorld is an RPG survival strategy game at heart, several mod devs have doubled down on the RPG aspects of the game. Meet the RPG Style mod series. The RPG Style mods feature RPG-style inventory management, changing the way character inventories work so that they look and feel more like an RPG. It certainly makes inventories more visually appealing than having the standard list of items a character has in the base game.

Medieval High Fantasy Mods for RimWorld

RimWorld Medieval Mods
Medieval Times is one of the best medieval mods available. Image via the mod’s devs.

If you are into high fantasy mods, then you’ll likely want to acquire the RimWorld of Magic mod. The mod allows characters to be gifted powers, in the form of physical or magical attributes. This allows them to develop as classes familiar to RPG titles. Gifted characters can become Wizards, Paladins, Knights and more, each with their own themes and spells. Check out our guide to the mod for more information.

If you really want to go deeper into the Dark Age and/or fantasy setting, why not add Medieval Times? This mod is one of the best RimWorld Mods to strip away the technological aspect of the base game, leaving only building options and craftables typically found in the High Middle Ages. It is perfect for those with the Royalty and Ideology DLCs installed!

While not necessarily an essential addon, we figured it worth mentioning the Giddy-up Battle Mounts for all you medievalists out there. Giddy-up is a mod that allows animals to become noble steeds, meaning your colonists can sally forth and ride down enemy raiders post haste. Gadzooks!

Horror RPG Mods in RimWorld

Zombieland is the double-tap of RimWorld zombie mods. The mod utilizes a feature that allows undead NPCs to coalesce into hordes, creating a whole new type of raid experience. If you want that extra sense of danger from the outside world, then this is a great option for you.

Rim of Madness is a series of named mods that essentially turns RimWorld into a horror title. There is plenty of Halloween themed goodness here, with Lovecraftian horrors, vampires, and skeleton armies ready to haunt you. Furthermore, the included Vampires mod allows you to control your own vampire bloodline.

Farmer Mods

Farming in RimWorld can feel tedious at times, with the various different ground types, fertility and other mechanics to toil with. However, the Tilled Soil mod aims to make things much simpler and more realistic. When a builder creates a Tilled Soil spot, it improves the fertility. However, while it is a nice QoL and gameplay feature, Tilled Soil does make the game much easier. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but the farmers out there will appreciate it, especially with the free content coming in the new RimWorld Ideology expansion.

If you’ve reached the mid-game of RimWorld, then you’ll have sampled the trials and tribulations of indoor farming. If you have, you’ll know Sun Lamps feel clunky to use. Meet the ultimate solution to indoor farming: the Plant Growing Wall Light. This is easily one of the best RimWorld mods if you want to make it easy to farm indoors, as it places the lights on the walls, rather than a bulb randomly on the floor.

Best Furniture mods in RimWorld

More Floors is a great add-on if you like interior decorating. It provides many different patterns of flooring, whether for tiled floors or wooden patterns. At the very least the mod allows for you to develop more diverse and beautiful rooms, thus creating more ways to impress your colonists.

If you like the idea of Plant Growing Wall Lights, then you’ll be happy to know there is a regular Wall Light mod available. All it does is add an electrical light that you can mount on walls. It is a much cleaner option than placing wooden torches everywhere.

While already mentioned above, we cannot overstate how great the Vanilla Expanded mod is for furniture. The base game has so few furniture options that the range of housewares included as part of Vanilla Expanded is almost mandatory so that your colonists don’t die of boredom or a lack of comfort.

Best Quality of Life Mods for RimWorld

RimWorld Interaction Bubbles
You can easily see what your colonists are up to through these interaction bubbles. Image via the mod’s devs.

Allow Tool is another must-have addon by HugsLib. All Allow Tool does is make hauling, forbidding and other base game buttons work better through a more convenient UI.

Interaction Bubbles is an excellent addon if you wish to see how your colonists are interacting. All the mod does is broadcast the conversations and events occurring between your colonists in a text bubble. The base game has this tool, but it is a separate tab on each character’s information window. This mod makes it easier to see how your colonists are getting along with one another.

Realistic Rooms is a very welcome RimWorld mod. Colonists in RimWorld have very high expectations of what a room should be like, essentially needing an entire mansion to themselves to not endure a negative penalty for sleeping in confined spaces. The Realistic Rooms mod simply lowers their expectations, making things more manageable.

Replace Stuff is a RimWorld mod that makes it easier to replace items. In the base game, you need to demolish a wall first to be able to replace it with your resource of choice. Replace Stuff removes that unnecessary step by allowing you to build over and thus replace what’s already laid down.

If you have ever played the base game, then you’ll notice inventory stack sizes are rather small. Stack XXL is another amazing QoL feature that increases the stack size of resources by a rather large amount. No more needing to create an entire warehouse just for a basic freezer!

Best Flavor Mods

RimWorld Dinosaur mods
This dinosaur mod takes brings the extinct back to life (and in space!). Image via the mod’s devs.

If you ever wanted to feel like you’re in the Jurassic period, then Dinosauria is a perfect Rimworld Mod for you. Dinosauria adds a number of new mega-creatures into the game as animals, able to be hunted, tamed and set upon enemy raiders. If you fancy having some extinct lizards in your game, this addon is for you.

Hospitality is one of the best RimWorld Mods available. The addon allows players to turn their colonies into fully functioning motels for caravans and passers-by to rest in. It gives you a whole new reason to create beautiful spaces while netting some coin in the process.

Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Harvesting enlarges the base game’s range of artificial body parts, allowing you to live out your cyberpunk fantasies to the max. If you fancy turning your characters into full-on cyborgs, then know this is the RimWorld Mod for you. As an aside, you may want to pick up the Prisoner Harvesting mod, too. With it, any baddies (or goodies) you arrest can go through the process of having their organs reallocated. It’s a great mod for creating the grisly resources required for those new limbs.

Android Tiers / Androids is a mod that runs off the Humanoid Alien Races mod listed above. The function of this mod is to allow players to create different types of android to help around your base. Make basic servant robots like I, Robot, all the way to military machines you’d expect to see in Terminator.

The SRTS mod (Short Range Transport Ships) reinforces the barren sci-fi fantasy of RimWorld by allowing you to build various types of flying transport, all the way to military bombers. It isn’t a mod that works for the early game, as its core gameplay is designed for taking late-game saves even further into the final frontier.

Minecarts is a fairly new addon that allows you to create minecart networks. If you are in love with the idea of sprawling mountain bases, or have minerals you want to acquire all over the map, then it’s a fine addition to your mod collection.


Do you like the 30 RimWorld mods we have recommended? Perhaps we have missed a mod you think is a must-have? Either way, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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