LEC Announces Playoff teams will return to LEC Studio for Spring Playoffs

LEC Spring Playoffs 2021 LAN
The LEC is going back to LAN for the duration of the Spring Playoffs 2021. Image via Riot Games.

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Riot Games European esports division, the LEC, has announced it will allow Spring Playoffs teams to return to the LEC Studio. The move comes after teams have been away from the LEC and LCS studios for almost a year.

Like with the Worlds 2020 event, teams, staff, and partners safety is of the utmost importance to Riot. The developer is taking every precaution to ensure that everyone who enters the studio is as protected as possible so that you can enjoy every moment of a live studio 2021 Spring Playoffs.

Riot Games feels that now is a good time to return teams to the studio. The significant fewer teams, the lack of regular travel, and more means the event can go back to localization. Sadly, it means that the Summer Regular Season will remain online as it poses a bigger threat to wellbeings.

The LEC Studio is putting strict safety measures to ensure the potential risk of COVID-19 remains low. Riot will thoroughly and regularly disinfect every part of Berlin’s LEC Studio, and all persons not on-air will be required to wear masks at all times. Additionally, everyone entering the studio will be required to bring an up-to-date negative COVID test. The conditions set out are similar to those during the Worlds 2020 Groups and Play-Ins, along with the likely conditions for the Icelandic MSI event.

If a team cannot attend the LEC Studio, they can isolate in the Berlin training facility every team has access to. However, this does mean that the game in question will play online.

The saddest yet understandable part means press and fans cannot attend the Spring Playoffs. As Riot said, the fewer people in the building during the Playoffs is the sole reason why they can have it in the studios in the first place. With that said, the LEC Superweek is underway. Six teams are currently competing for the three remaining Spring Playoffs spots. So far, G2 Esports, Rogue and MAD Lions are the only teams qualified. Who will qualify to the Spring Playoffs LAN? That is the big question head of the LEC Superweek.