League of Legends Patch 11.6 Tentative Changes

League of Legends Champion Violibear Buffed Patch 11.6

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League of Legends patch 11.5 dropped a few days ago, but the patch preview for 11.6 is here. The patch confirms the changes reported on the PBE for healing nerfs, Xin Zhao, and a few extra tunings.

Healing Nerfs

Healing nerfs are some of the biggest changes coming into the game. Throughout Season 11, Riot Games has gone to war over the vast amount of extra healing in the game. Both Runes and new Mythic Items have only made the system stronger. Riot nerfed Goredrinker in an earlier patch; however, the change is not enough. Runes like Ravenous Hunter generates healing per stack earned through kills and combat length. Ravenous Hunter is the biggest offender, but items like Blade of the Ruined King, Feel Footwork, Sterak’s Gage is getting toned. The changes are a sign of a systematic sweep, clearing out a thorn that irritates the LoL balance team.

Currently, there are no exact values currently available, but the details will surely come over the next few days. Notably, the Mythic item, Immortal Shieldbow, is getting a system adjustment. The lifesteal increase on the proc is gone, instead, the proc gives attack speed to create a different interaction in those big fights. Riot doesn’t want unintended side effects of a system change to affect an item otherwise in a solid spot.

Jungle Shifts

The jungle is one area getting a huge shift. Riot Games’ intention to nerf the jungle in 11.4  came through systematic changes, generating less gold, experience and tougher enemies. However, what Riot are finding is that certain champions just won’t leave the jungle. So it is a perfect time to target specific champions for buffs and nerfs.

The most prominent nerfs are Hecarim and Lillia. Their issues are simply they clear too well, move too quickly, and are too important in team fights and objective control. While there are no specifics on their nerfs, it will most certainly affect them in at least one of the above categories.

On the flip side, the jungle is getting some new changes. The AP Xin Zhao build is set to launch this patch, with Volibear also getting some attention. Volibear is a flex role champion with the ability to go jungle or top lane. However, the bear sees more top lane play in general. There are no specifics on Volibear just yet, although it will likely increase his effectiveness against neutral mobs.

These are some of the major highlights of the potential changes coming in the 11.6 lol patch. The full details will come out soon, with the full patch release sometime around March 16.


Image via Riot Games