League of Legends MMO: What We Know So Far

League of Legends MMO
Riot Games is ramping its production of the future title, which we know is going to be a League of Legends MMO. Image via Riot Games

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There have been many rumours over whether or not Riot Games will make a League of Legends MMO. However, it certainly seems like it is happening. Riot Games have teased the project and confirmed it on their website.

The League of Legends MMO project was teased a while ago. Former World of Warcraft Systems Designer Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street revealing that an MMO is in the works back in December 2020. The concept of the title is to significantly expand the lore and universe of League of Legends. 

The game is a huge step forward for the world that League of Legends inhabits. Riot Games is working on several ways to expand the League of Legends lore. Since putting the S into Riot Games, they have launched several LoL related games. Legends of Runeterra is Riot’s first LoL spin-off. Runeterra is a card game focused around the lore of LoL, Ruined King tieing into the 2021 theme. LoL’s 2021 focus hones in on the Ruined King. So far, Riot Games has released bringing the  Ruined King as a champion, which is Viego, along with Gwen, who Riot previewed at the time of writing. Riot Games said at the start of 2021 that there would be several connections to the Ruined King throughout the year. 

However, there is only so much that lore tie-ins a card game and Champion releases can do. Instead, one of the best ways to expand lore is through an RPG or an MMO. While the Ruined King is a story game, it explores limited Champions and Regions. Runeterra, the world that League of Legends inhabits has many different kingdoms, biomes, islands and other intergalactic lore going on. An MMO has all the lore building and story-driven content that could explore all these different worlds throughout the game’s lifecycle.

As it stands, the League of Legends MMO is super early in development. Riot Games are starting to ramp the project by hiring specifically for the MMO Project. The League of Legends MMO is particularly looking for Gameplay Engineers, Game Designers, UX Designers, Game Artists (All Sub-Disciplines), and Game Producers. Some of the jobs require MMO specific experience, needing experienced staff who have worked on games like WoW, FFXIV, ESO, and more.

With that said, it could be a very long time before we see anything concrete on the League of Legends MMO. One of the hottest trending MMOs called Ashes of Creation has been in development for over four years and is still another year or two away. Riot Games could be a very long time away before releasing the League of Legends MMO to the world.