Best Champions for URF

Here is our tier list of the strongest and most powerful champions you should be using in Ultra Rapid Fire mode or URF in League of Legends.

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As a League of Legends player, I am sure you are all aware of what URF or Ultra Rapid Fire is but on the off chance that you do not, here is a very short summary.

As the name suggests, URF is a unique game mode on rotation that involves players being able to use their favorite champions in ways that they could not otherwise, by fully exploring and testing their limits due to a number of different buffs.

URF has special game conditions and rules that completely flip the traditional League of Legends game on its head; things like cooldowns are drastically reduced and mana/energy costs are non-existent, to name a few.

Here is the full list of game conditions and rules that apply in URF and what make the game mode so unique:


  • Mana and Energy consumption reduced by 100%
  • +80% Cooldown Reduction on Abilities, Activated Items and Summoner Spells
  • +25% Tenacity and Tenaciousness
  • +60 Movement Speed and Speed while Moving
  • Sources of bonus attack speed are doubled on Ranged champions, 1.5x on Melee champions
  • Critical strikes deal 25% additional damage
  • Health costs reduced by 50%
  • This unit deals X% of its normal damage
  • This unit receives X% of its normal damage
  • +100% damage to Infernal Drakes
  • Pew Pew Pew


With that being said, let’s dive straight into the list of the best champions to play in URF.


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Like many of the champions on this list, Ekko is one who heavily benefits from the lack of normal cooldowns and absence of mana costs. With Ekko, you can spam his abilities and combos to proc his passive Z-Drive Resonance as much as possible, but you may also use his ultimate ability virtually every 10 seconds.

As you may already know, Ekko’s ultimate is sort of like a “get out of jail free” card which makes him one of the first on our list. Chronobreak’s uniqueness and how overpowered it is as an ability makes it extremely beneficial in a game mode like URF where skirmishes are frequent, and you can escape from tight situations with practically no repercussions.


Yuumi is already one of the most annoying champions to play against in the game and in URF, this annoyance is magnified. You can spam her Q ability to have constant damage output to enemies, as well spamming her heals, movement speed buffs and CC, all whilst remaining in the safety of an ally.


Zed is already an extremely powerful assassin in Summoner’s Rift and in URF, the same rules apply. The outplay potential is huge for Zed players in URF as you would normally have to rely on having sufficient energy to pull off combos.

With the absence of energy costs, Zed becomes even more deadly and a nuisance for players who feel they are constantly getting poked or even one shot completely by Zed players in URF. To top it all off, Zed can do all of this whilst slipping away untouched almost every time, if you are good enough with him.



This one should be pretty self explanatory – Karthus already has a ridiculously low cooldown on his Q ability, so you can only imagine what it ends up as in URF. Without doing the maths, I can tell you with certainty that Karthus in URF is a Q spamming machine who spends most of his time causing his enemies to look as if they are dancing on ice.

Constant movement is paramount to countering a Karthus in URF as everywhere you step is similar to treading across a minefield, with each mine doing more and more damage as the game progresses. Karthus’ ridiculous ultimate should also need no explanation; you could probably sit in base the entire match and still do significant damage from only pressing R, it is that ludicrous. Make sure you abuse him if you are lucky enough to get him in URF!


Fizz is very similar to Zed in the sense that he has excellent mobility and damage output in URF. Fizz is probably one of, if not the most slippery champion in URF due to the ability to spam to his E – Playful Trickster.

His combo can virtually 100-0 most other champions whether they are tanky or not and overall Fizz is one of the strongest champions you can use in the game mode. He is also simple to play and his combos are not mechanically challenging, which also makes Fizz an even more well rounded champion.


Another champion who has excellent mobility in URF, Lucian dances around his opponents whilst slicing them down with his trusty guns. You can constantly proc is passive Lightslinger, which also works with his E passive and shortens the cooldown on it, allowing for this hyper mobility.

His ultimate is also extremely good in general and on an even shorter cooldown, what more can you really ask for? Lucian is another very well rounded champion and due to the nature of his kit is ridiculously strong in URF.


The reduced cooldown on Morgana’s Q is what makes her such an overpowered champion in URF. Morgana’s bind already seems as if it snares people for 5 years and in URF, this feeling is heightened even more.

Spam her Q as much as you desire in URF and ultimately lock down enemies who could virtually not even get the chance to move, if you land your abilities. When you build enough AP on her, she does heaps of damage and can also stun multiple enemies together with her ultimate ability. 


Another deadly assassin on our list, Katarina is someone who massively benefits from reduced cooldowns as she relies on her combos to dish out damage to her enemies. You will need basic Katarina mechanics to play her and experienced Katarina players in URF are an absolute nightmare to face off against.

Katarina gains resets on her cooldowns depending on whether she picks up her daggers from the ground and with already reduced cooldowns, you can imagine how annoying Katarina must be in URF. She waltzes around her enemies and destroys them one by one, not to mention her ultimate ability which obliterates opponents in mere seconds. 

If you are fortunate enough to get Katarina in URF, make sure you have put some games of practice into her beforehand!


Let’s be honest, Shaco is already the most annoying champion to deal with in the game, so just imagine the possibilities with Shaco on URF. Shaco is already strong due to the versatility of his kit, in the way that he can be built with both AP and AD, but his raw kit in URF is what makes him a total nuisance.

Shaco is another champion who dances in and out of his enemies, running rings around his opponents and darting in for the kill where necessary. A truly evil jester, Shaco can be played in any lane and rivals Fizz for the most slippery champion in the game mode – you can practically spend most of your time with him invisible!

URF Tier List

Now that we have highlighted the strongest champions in URF, here is a bigger tier list of champions in URF based upon their aptitude in the game mode along with the tier list key.

Tier List Key

S Tier

  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Fiora
  • Fizz
  • Karthus
  • Katarina 
  • Lucian
  • Morgana
  • Samira
  • Senna
  • Shaco
  • Wukong
  • Yuumi
  • Zed

A Tier

  • Annie
  • Garen
  • Jayce
  • Lulu
  • Malzahar
  • Master Yi
  • Rumble
  • Swain
  • Vladimir
  • Xayah
  • Ziggs

B Tier

  • Aphelios
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ezreal
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Karma
  • Leona
  • Lillia
  • Lux
  • Pantheon
  • Qiyana
  • Kayle
  • Maokai
  • Sett
  • Teemo
  • Zyra

C Tier

  • Amumu
  • Ashe
  • Blitzcrank
  • Galio
  • Heimerdinger
  • Kennen 
  • Lissandra
  • Lucian
  • Poppy
  • Renekton
  • Skarner
  • Taliyah
  • Thresh 
  • Tristana
  • Trundle
  • Udyr
  • Warwick