Humankind City Guide – How to increase City Cap and Raze City

Razing a City and increasing City Cap are proving to be two of Humankind's biggest FAQs

Humankind Raze City Humankind City Cap
Nuclear weapons are a good way of razing a Humankind city. Image via Amplitude Studios.

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Humankind’s city feature is fairly in-depth, but there isn’t much explanation on what all the city interactions actually do. If you find yourself wondering how to downgrade, destroy, or raze a Humankind City, we have some answers below. We begin with guiding you through upgrading your City Cap if you prefer to take cities rather than destroying them.

How to Increase Humankind City Cap

Humankind’s City Cap is an important part of Humankind. It prevents empires from sprawling in the early game, simulating the early history of humanity. However, you can go over the +2 City Cap in the early game, but it will mean you are hit with a -30 Influence penalty, which is a big deal. The only way around it is to take an Influence affinity Culture so you can actually expand.

Once the game progresses into the later stages, that City Cap will not be that big of a deal. Plenty of technologies passively increase the City Cap, while the Archamenid Persians are one of the best cultures for early game expansion playstyles.

Method Cap Increase
Achaemenid Persians Legacy Trait +2 City Cap
Foreign Outposts tech +1 City Cap
Leadership Civic +1 City Cap
Materials Procurement Civic +1 City Cap
Mercantilism tech +1 City Cap
Philosophy tech +1 City Cap
Space Orbital tech +3 City Cap
Supply Lines tech +1 City Cap
Theology tech +1 City Cap
Three Masted Ship tech +1 City Cap
Urban Planning tech +1 City Cap

How to Raze a Humankind City

It is a fairly simple process to raze a city in Humankind. You will need to send over an army to the desired city and enable the ransacking option on the tile the city occupies. Ransacking a city takes a few turns, but if the army is successful, the city will be destroyed. If you are in the late game, you will need to access Nukes in order for Humankind Raze City attempts to work.

How to get Nukes in Humankind

When you get into the later stages of a campaign, you will need the Nuclear Fission technology to be able to harness Nuclear weapons to your advantage. You can build nuclear weapons by enabling the Nuclear Proliferation Civic and completing the national project titled Fission Test. When the project is done you can begin the construction of nuclear weapons, allowing you to annihilate a city from the map. It is the easiest option for razing or destroying a humankind city, but the technology takes some time to acquire.

This concludes our Humankind City guide. We hope you know how Humankind’s Raze City system works, along with gaining City Cap. If you need any more information, why not check out our Humankind guides section?