Humankind Victory Conditions Guide

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Humankind Victory Conditions
Humankind's fame feature is the name that will win you the game.

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Humankind is the new historical 4X that is earning the attention of armchair generals around the world. However, many of us are confused about how to win the game or end a campaign. The rules of Humankind differ quite a lot from its closest counterpart, Civilization 6, where all playstyles are valid but don’t get you victory. Instead, the Humankind victory conditions rely solely on Fame. Here is how you amass Fame in order to bring a successful end to a Humankind game.

Humankind Fame

Humankind Fame
Fame is the way you win games in Humankind.

Fame is a point scoring system that everyone in a game Humankind will need to accumulate. When a game of Humankind finally ends, the winner is determined based on the highest amount of Fame earned throughout the game.

The benefit of the Fame system (as opposed to hard victory conditions) is that it allows players to adapt their playstyle using the Humankind Culture system. That way, you can specialize in military and food, science and industry, or some other combination of factors that your imagination or circumstances warrant.

How to get Humankind Fame?

Fame points accumulate throughout a match. You can earn Fame in any way you play the game. Beat an opponent in battle? Here, have some Fame. Just reached an economic milestone and earned an era Star? Here is some more Fame. Basically, the Fame system is designed to support all styles of play. As we’ve mentioned before, Humankind’s design philosophy is catered to allowing all playstyles a viable option to play the game (except those who like to base their strategy on religious fervor and Faith – which is something we hope the devs will address before too long).

While simply playing the game the way you want will automatically generate you era Stars, granting you Fame, there are other ways to amass Fame. The Deed system allows you to complete achievements, such as discovering one of the several Natural Wonders. Alternatively, you could be the first nation to build a Cultural Wonder or discover Writing. All of these metrics provide a nice bonus to your Fame.

There are also huge Fame boosts if you overcome impossible odds. Such feats include annihilating another empire from the game. Alternatively, you get tons of Fame if you become vassalized and subsequently win your freedom back in a war for independence war. Unless an aggressor razes all your cities to the ground, you are never out for the count.

One strategy players are using to generate Fame is to transcend their Culture into the next era. For example, if you take Ancient Egypt into the Classical era, you will generate 10% bonus Fame for the legacy trait slot, as you didn’t pick a Culture from that era. More so, you can delay entering a new era to collect more stars to generate more Fame from an era. These are both risky strategies, but this becomes much more viable as you get more used to Humankind.

How to End a Humankind game

If you find you are dominating the Fame Humankind Victory conditions, then you can attempt to accelerate the game’s conclusion.

Humankind Win Conditions:

  • Finish the final turn – this will depend on your game’s settings and difficulty options. Your standard game pace is 300 turns, for example.
  • Earning every Star in the Contemporary era concludes the game – which is the most unlikely of the end game requirements.
  • Completing the technology tree, which means researching all 96 techs – and there are over 30 in the Contemporary era alone.
  • Become the emperor of the world by eliminating all other competitors from the game.
  • Vassalize all your enemies and become the de facto ruler of all peoples.
  • Focus on building spacecraft and take your empire into the stars.
  • Destroy the planet through pollution or nuclear disasters.

If you know you are winning the Fame leaderboard by a considerable margin, you can choose which one of these game-ending mechanics to win. If you plan to take one of these methods, make sure no one can catch up in time, as the last thing you want is to win and someone slides in at the end.


As you can see, there are many Humankind victory conditions that grant you fame. How do you plan on claiming victory in your saves? Let us know in the comments below.