Humankind Earth Maps: The Best So Far

Can you conquer the Earth in Humankind?

Humankind Earth Maps
The Americas screenshotted from Oscar3005's Earth map for Humankind. Image / Oscar3005

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Humankind might be the genre-redefining game that it set out to be. However, its world generation has left a few openings for improvement. One of the more ‘notably missing’ features is a Humankind Earth map. Fans of the game have also noticed this, and are already filling a cartographic gap that Amplitude studios have left. Here are the best Humankind Earth maps and maps based on real-world locations you can download and play in solo and multiplayer.

How to Download Humankind Maps

Community creations such as tools, maps, and mods are likely to become an essential part of Humankind’s content. Amplitude Studios is working with the team behind to house all of Humankind’s community-made mods and maps. You can make custom maps with the built-in map editor and share them with your friends or the wider Humankind player base. All you need to do is connect your account to your game client, and your game will automatically download all content you’re subscribed to. If you would prefer a full guide to installing Humankind mods, we have you covered.

If you would rather download maps manually, you’ll still need to head over to the website that we linked above. All you do is then find the map you would like to download and install it in your Documents/Humankind/Maps folder. If you are on Mac, head over to Libraries/Humankind/Maps to install community maps.

Humankind Huge Earth Map

There is only one Earth-like map available at the minute. The Huge Earth Mod tries to scale the Earth to comfortably accommodate ten competitors. However, the slots are currently fixed, which is a problem with the Editor rather than the map itself. All continents in the game have unique strategic and luxury resources, while the Americas are considered the New World and have no spawn points.

The modder designed the map to offer a more authentic experience, relying on real-life trade routes like the Silk Road, the Spice Trade, or colonial sea routes. The mod’s developer says there is still some more work to come, but the map is more or less playable and fairly accurate to Earth’s geography.

Australia Map

Amplitude Studios has given us a bit of a treat. One of the game’s designers, William Dyce, uploaded the Australia map he made during the Humankind Editor demo during an August 21 dev stream. The cool thing about this is that a developer made it, and I am genuinely surprised it isn’t a free DLC for Humankind – but hey oh. This version of Australia is fairly tiny, so it is only suitable for a few competitors.

If you would rather play a much bigger scale of Australia, there is a huge version made by a fan. As you can imagine, it plays very similarly to William Dyce’s, albeit for more competitors. Maybe give this a try and see how both maps compare for yourself?

United States Map

One map maker has made a four-player map for the United States. The map’s spawns are currently set in Texas, California, Illinois, and DC, essentially spawning one player in a different compass direction. The map’s territories resemble the nation’s State boundaries as closely as possible. If you’re reading this, please play the British or the Haudenosaunee and reclaim North America – sorry Americans.

As you can see, there are only four earth or earth-like maps available at the minute. If more Humankind Earth maps appear, then we will update.