Humankind Cheats and Console Commands

Humankinds Cheats and Console Commands will be available sometime after launch.

Humankind Console Commands
We will guide you through the mysterious lands that is Humankind's Console Commands and cheats. Image via Amplitude.

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Using cheats or console commands is always one of the most fun ways to play strategy games. You can let your mind go wild, creating vast empires or perfecting your campaign in a more light-hearted manner. Amplitude Studios are more than aware of strategy game fans’ desire to have a cheat filled game from time to time. Sadly, the developers have told Gaming Verdict that Humankind cheats will not be available at launch but will become available at some point after.

If you’re a fan of any of Amplitude’s other games, you’ll more than likely be aware that the console commands were not available at launch for Endless Space 2 or Endless Legend. The developers had to patch in the option to enable the commands. Amplitude released Endless Legend in September 2014, with the cheat mode becoming available in April 2015. Endless Space 2 modding tools came significantly earlier, with its 1.0.1 patch getting modding roughly a week after launch. So, if you want to mod your game or use Humankind console commands, you may need to wait a short while.

How to enable Humankind Cheats and Console Commands

Like other games developed by Amplitude Studios, you’ll need to launch the game with the “–enablemoddingtools” command. The command enables the game’s console, allowing you to open a window in your game to input cheats at will. If Humankind is anything like Endless Space 2, you’ll need to press Shift+F1 to open the console command window while you’re in-game.

Steam Humankind Cheats Enabled
The text box circle in blue is where you will input –enablemoddingtools. Image via Valve.

If you plan on using Humankind cheats on Steam, then you’ll easily be able to enable this setting. Simply find Humankind in your Steam library and right-click the name. You’ll then want to click on properties to open up a new window. Once the new window is upon, look towards the bottom of the General tab and find the Launch Options text field. Input the “–enablemoddingtools” command, and you will start the game with the option to open the game’s console.

If you plan to use the Windows Store or Epic Games Store, there’s another way to enable the console. When you install the game, you’ll need to find the installation folder and create a shortcut of the game’s executable file. Now that the shortcut of the game is created, you can right-click it and select properties. Selecting the properties option opens a new window with several tabs to potentially navigate through. The tab you want is the shortcut tab. In the shortcut tab, you will find a modifiable ‘Target’ text box. You will then use the –enablemoddingtools at the end of the shortcut’s target. Your shortcut’s target should look something like this Humankind.exe” –enablemoddingtools.

Humankind Console Commands

While we still have some time to wait before a full list of console commands is enabled, we know a few of the cheats already. These commands are mainly for communicating with other players in multiplayer, especially if you are creating a strategy to take down a rival human player. When we know other useful console commands, we add them to the table below.

Command Description Code
Block Mutes the participating player messages in the multiplay chat. /Block “player name”
Help Displays a list of all available commands /?
Unblock Unmutes the specified player in your multiplayer session. /Unblock “player name”
Whisper Sends a private message to a player on the server /Whisper “player name”


When Humankind’s developer Amplitude adds more cheats into the game, we will update this article with as many useful cheats as possible. if you want to know how Humankind’s Mods work, why not check out this article?

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