Humankind Avatar Guide – Share your Avatar with Friends

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Humankind Avatar Guide
If you need some guidance on the Humankind Avatar Feature, look no further. Image via Amplitude Studios.

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Humankind’s gameplay has encouraged a curiosity within many Historical 4x game fans. It takes you on a journey through the ages, allowing you to pick and choose civilizations from different eras as you play through a campaign. Whenever you select a new civ in every era, your empire gets new looks, buildings and districts.

Since your empire changes all the time, you need something that distinctly says what empire is which. Amplitude Studios’ solution to this is Humankind’s avatars, which allows you to personalize your look in the game. Attached to this system are features like sharing with your friends or unlocking new AI personas. If you need help getting used to the avatars, we have you covered in our guide below.

Creating your Avatar

Avatar Creation Options
You’ll be prompted to make your own avatar when you launch the game for the first time.

When you launch Humankind for the very first time, you will be greeted with the avatar system. The game prompts you with all the customization options to create the avatar you want in your fashion. It could look as close to you as possible, a celebrity, a historical character, or even a friend or relative. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to make one avatar at a time. If you want to move away from playing against the default Humankind avatars all the time, you’ll need DLC; custom made player avatars, or avatar drops from promotions on Twitch.

AI Personas

Once you have settled on the look of your avatar, you can then create its AI persona. The AI persona is how Humankind’s AI will play your avatar on your behalf. You can select its personality traits based on archetypes, deciding its positive or negative reactions to certain actions from players and AI it interacts with.

If you want your avatar to specialize in a specific playstyle, you can choose strengths for it. If you prefer your AI persona to have an agrarian playstyle, for example, you can focus it on Farmhand and Conservationist, creating that more natural and earthly character. Alternatively, you can set it to focus on Science, taking Mastermind and Geek to get bonus science stats. It all depends on what you want your AI to do.

There’s also a section on biases that encourages an AI to expand a certain way. They could prefer to build garrisons, spread their Cities and Outposts far and wide, or prioritize settling Strategic Resources.

Unlocking Avatar Customizations

The Trophies system is an in-game achievement feature that rewards you with more AI persona customization options. When you first start playing Humankind, you will only have the basic Archetypes, Strengths and Biases. The more you play the game, the more you’ll earn trophies.

If you get 12 Scientist Eras Stars in a single game, you can unlock the Nikola trophy, granting the Inventor AI persona trait. Most of these trophies require you to do them in a single game, meaning most of these can only really be achieved if you focus on a specific playstyle. It does mean there is an incentive to keep coming back and trying different play styles in each campaign, which is nice.

How to Share your Humankind Avatar with Friends

How to share your Humankind Avatar with your friends
You’ll need to connect your Humankind game to your G2G account to share your avatar with your friends.

Now that you have played the game and managed to get your Humankind Avatar to your preference, you can share it with your friends. If you, your friends or a Humankind community want to share AI’s, then you’ll need to register with Games2Gether. Games2Gether is the website that Amplitude uses to connect with its fans for all of its games. Humankind has a space on the website that allows players to upload their Avatar via the Humankind connection button.

If that’s what you want to do, then you’ll need to open up Humankind and click the “Extras” button. A mini-menu will appear, and you’ll want to click the “Community” option. In the community menu, you will come across a “Connect to G2G” button on the bottom left of the screen. Make sure you are signed up and logged in before going any further.

Now that you have signed up or logged in, click on the “AI Persona Collection” and press the connect to G2G button under the “AI Persona” tab. This will then allow you to explore G2G for other player’s avatars that you can download into your Humankind game.


That is all there is to the Humankind Avatars. If you’re looking for alternative ways to modify Humankind, why not take a look at our mods or cheats and console commands guides?