Humankind Forcibly Disconnected: How to fix Multiplayer Not Working Errors

At least you are connecting to this article - so your internet is probably working!

Humankind Forcibly Disconnected
Humankind couldn't escape the Day 1 launch issues. Image via Amplitude.

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Humankind launched on August 17, bringing us one of the most anticipated historical 4X strategy titles since Civ 6. However, players are experiencing a few day one bugs. One of the issues currently plaguing the game is Humankind’s multiplayer, with many players getting a forcibly disconnected issue affecting their multiplayer connections. If you are getting the Humankind forcibly disconnected error or your multiplayer isn’t working, you could try a few of the suggestions listed below.

Windows Store or Xbox Game Pass versions

Firstly, Steam, Epic Games Store, or Stadia players rejoice, as this issue mainly affects Humankind players through the Xbox Game Pass or the Windows Store. The error appears to be related to Gamertag validation or network troubleshooting issues. However, the cause is by no means established until Amplitude Studios patch the bug out themselves.

Some players have found simple troubleshooting fixes for their Humankind forcibly disconnected error, so we may come across like a call centre employee in this article. Here are some of the fixes several players over at Games2Gether are recommending.

  1. Reload the game and accept the Xbox sign-in prompt to authenticate your log-in properly.
  2. Restart your router/modem. It could address a Strict or Moderate NAT type issue.
  3. Restart your PC.
  4. Log out and back in again to reload the Microsoft Store and Xbox app.
  5. Switch between Xbox profiles on your account and back to your Gamertag, making sure your Xbox Game Pass subscription is activated.
  6. Disable and enable your Firewall or antivirus monitoring incoming and outgoing ports and connections. Remember to turn it back on if it doesn’t address your issue. If it does work, manually allow Humankind through your preferred antivirus or firewall.
  7. Delete save game data from the PC’s Documents or Mac’s Library folder.
  8. Reinstall Humankind from the Windows Store.
  9. Connect with 4G / 5G or tether your phone.

The suggestions at the top of the list (1-5) are the ones that are more than likely to fix your issue. 6-9 are potential fixes that forum users have figured out through trial and error. If none of the above solutions works, we advise checking out the forum post discussing the issue.

If Amplitude Studios provide an official fix for Game Pass users, we will be sure to update the article. If you are encountering any other Humankind errors, check out our sister site, WePC, which is going through error codes in more depth.