How to download Humankind Mods and Maps

Downloading custom made maps and mods is always a fun alternative way to play

How to Download Humankind Mods and Maps
If you want to get Humankind Mods and Maps, look no further.

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If you’re one of those gamers that thoroughly enjoys a good modding community, then you’ll be pleased to know that Humankind will eventually have a lot to offer. If you plan to completely overhaul your gameplay experience or add new bits and pieces to diversify your playthrough, then we’ll teach you all you need to know about Humankind mods. is the modding community that Amplitude Studios is working with to be the cross-platform source for all Humankind mods. At the time of writing, and Amplitude are actively working on the Humankind mods subdirectory. As it’s still being worked on, most of the custom made maps and mods are still works-in-progress or have yet to be released publicly. has community support for allowing players on both consoles and PC to alter the SEGA published game, so we know it will just be a matter of time.

Manually Installing Mods

If you happen to find any maps or mods you want to install, you can also install them manually. Humankind uses the same mod installation method as other Amplitude Studios games like Endless Space 2 and Endless Legends. Both games need you to make a folder called Community to install mods correctly. If you’re playing the game on PC, then you’ll need to head over to This “PC\Documents\Humankind\” or “Libraries/Humankind” if you are on a Mac and create the Community folder in that directory. You can then manually unzip your mods into that folder, and then your game should detect them.

Automatically Installing Mods

Humankind is the modding site you need to access if you want to automatically sync your mods. Image via Amplitude.

Humankind has a feature that allows you to connect your Humankind game to When you connect your Humankind game account either through an email address or Steam, sync your installation with your account. This allows you to Subscribe to mods from, allowing your game to automatically download and install them whenever you next launch Humankind.

If you want to use this method to save yourself time or effort, you’ll need to set it up in-game. When you’re on the Humankind main menu, click on the Extras tab and then press Community. The community button shows you a list of extras you can set up, including your mods settings. At the top of the Mods screen, you can find the “Connect to” button, allowing you to register or log in if you already have an account.

Now that you have decided on how to install your Humankind mods, you can organize, structure, enable or disable the mods under the “Available Mods” section in-game. If you like to play around with custom maps, you’ll need to click on the Map Editor button in the Community section. A button at the top of the screen called “Access to” will have you subscribing to maps the same way you do with mods. Downloading custom-made maps allows you to play them for your saves as long as they are correctly validated.

If you prefer to use Steam Workshop, then Amplitude has mentioned it is supported, However, at the time of writing, the press build did not have any Steam Workshop connectivity. Keep your eyes peeled in case the function is supported at a later date.


Once we know how buzzing with life Humankind’s section looks, we’ll list the best mods in a future article. If mods are not your thing, then why not check out how to use the Humankind Cheats and Console Commands?