Hood Outlaws and Legends Hideout Explained

Hood Outlaws and Legends Swamp Map
Hood Outlaws and Legends in a new game, filled with government maps and the Outlaw hideout you progress your characters through. Image via Sumo Digital.

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Hood Outlaws and Legends is a new PvPvE title that launched in early access on  May 7, with a full release on May 10. With the game launching, people have got in the game, played around and now have gold to spend. One of the things that you can spend gold on is the Hideout, which is your base camp for preparing for lobbies. Here is Hood Outlaws and Legends Hideout explained.


What is the Hideout?

The Hideout is the location that serves as an in-game lobby. Your friends can join the game, and walk around the hideout along with your own character. You can practice your aim against training dummies, throw your gadget, and browse cosmetics and perks to make your build. However, it is mainly a staging post for your party as they look for a lobby.


Unlocking Cosmetics through the Hideout

Some of the cosmetic in the game is locked behind levels. Some of them require specific class ranks, while others require Hideout upgrades to unlock them. The Hideout upgrades offer many different classes some unique customization looks. Upon reaching that Hideout level, you can unlock new cosmetics for purchase for each class in the game.


Hood Outlaws and Legends Hideout Information
You can see the rank of your Hood Outlaws and Legends Hideout in the top left corner of the user interface. Here is an example on the class selection screen. Image via Sumo Digital.


How to Upgrade the Hideout

Upgrading the hideout is fairly easy to do. After the end of every game, you get a Scales of Justice screen, allowing you to spread your end game income. Taking gold for yourself is gold you can append on perks and cosmetics. On the other hand, putting money into the scale on the right titles “For the People” is how you upgrade your Hideout.

As it stands, there are only 10 levels available for the Hood Outlweas and Legends Hideout. The only purpose of it is to unlock certain skins, which you need to spend independent gold to buy for every class you have. However, there isn’t much else to the Hideout just yet. There is a Year 1 content plan, which has a few different seasons. The first season aims to add a new class, map and cosmetics. Perhaps we can see some upcoming cosmetic upgrades added to the Hideout at some point in the future.