Hood Outlaws and Legends: 5 Tips to Becoming a Better Heister

Hood Outlaws and Legends Tips
Here are the best Hood Outlaws and Legends Tips for new players and intermediate players alike. Image via Sumo Digital.

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Hood Outlaws and Legends is a new PvEvP medieval Heist game set in the world of Robin Hood. Teams of four aim to break into government buildings, grab a key from the Sheriff and make their way to the vault. Upon reaching the vault, they find a treasure and need to extract it from the map. However, there is an enemy team looking for the same goals as you. Players will need to work together to make it out with as much gold as possible. Here are the best Hood Outlaws and Legends tips for those looking to win most of their games.

Stealth is your Friend

One of the core gameplay mechanics of Hood is the use of stealth. The early game is best played by using stealth as much as possible. Sneaking past guards and spotting the Sheriff as early as possible is the core of getting to the best spot possible. Furthermore, there is an incentive to avoid being detected. Enemy players can look at the map and see what sections are on high alert, indicating roughly a team’s location. The longer you stay undetected, the more benefits the stealth advantage has for heading into the mid-game.

Furthermore, the mid and late-game stealth advantages are still present. Players can sneak up on enemy players and assassinate them. It is one of the best tips to take out players, stagnating respawn timers and making it harder for them to do full team fights for objective control.  For these reasons, stealth is an important aspect of the game, and players should follow these Hood Outlaws and Legends tips to abuse stealth mechanics properly.


Hood Outlaws and Legends Classes
Building a team comp and coordinating effectively is a key part of succeeding in Hood. Image via Sumo Digital.


As a team-based game, communication is a very important aspect of succeeding. Players can use the mute unmute feature in-game to use calls or go to the many community pages to find teams. For Console and PC users, this Hood Discord server is a good shout to find players to make premade groups.

Why is communication and making a premade so important? Well, you can use this for a variety of reasons. You can make a group with a team comp in mind with perks planned out ahead of time. From there, you can get into a game and plan out your paths, watch out for each other, and call the enemy team’s location much easier. Moreso, using voice chat can lead to your team controlling spawns, grabbing gadgets and ammo and coordinating assaults better. 

The best communication tip is extracting the treasure to a winch location. Many randomly matched teams don’t often think about extracting; they go to the closest one. Sometimes that means going to an extraction point closer to the enemy default spawn, giving the enemy team the advantage. Instead, you can coordinate how to get the treasure to a more favourable winch, whether that’s your spawn or closer to a neutral spawn with a grenade refill spot. Arguably, this is one of the most important Hood Outlaws and Legends tips as correctly as a better victory conversion rate.

Understanding the AI

Throughout a game, the AI will be a big part of the experience. Through the early game, you’ll want to pick off, assassinate and avoid guards. Then in the mid and late game, harder to kill AI come out to play and actively track you to the Winch locations.

Luckily, there are a few visual indicators that make it easier to understand AI. Every guard has a feature above their head that informs the player of their current status. 

  • No marker means they are unaware and perform scripted patrols or are stationary.
  • AI that is searching for noises or watching for player movement is identified with a question mark. 
  • Those that saw movement have a circular wheel that fills up before you become detected.
  • Enemies that come after players are highlighted with an orange exclamation mark. Alternatively, the red exclamation marks mean the AI is after you.


While the AI seems fairly scripted, players can do a few mechanics to bait AI. One such thing is abusing the Sheriffs pathing. During the chaos of the winging phase, the Sheriff paths over to the extraction point. From there, he tries to stop anyone in the area, meaning players can get the aggro and escort him away if possible. Intelligent players can escort him to the path the enemy players are taking, allowing the Sheriff to switch to them. In one of my games, I accidentally managed to bait the Sheriff onto an unsuspecting enemy John for the kill. Note how the red exclamation mark turns to yellow as the Sheriff’s aggro goes to John.

The Rock Says, Know Your Role

Hood Outlaws and Legends Robin Ability
Knowing your role in the team comp is crucial for succeeding. Image via Sumo Digital.


If you have happened to read our Hood Outlaws and Legends Tier List, you’ll have likely realized that every class in Hood is filled with strengths and weaknesses. All of these strengths and weaknesses are down to the classes being tailor-fit to perform specific duties. Robin is the resident Sniper class, dealing lots of damage at range. Marianne is a hybrid melee and ranged character, with a big focus on stealth. Then John and Tooke are your melee characters with different support elements crucial to team advantages.

Each character then has three optional perks to take, with each row offering unique perks. Building a Class to specialise in specific skills, roles, and playstyles is another important factor. Although, you should avoid stacking classes because of it leaves gaping holes in a team comp.

For coordinated teams, taking one of each is perfectly viable too. For example, Tooke is a character that is best not played for solo players who are not communicating. But a team that uses coms to the best of their ability can see so much more usage out of Tooke’s situational kit. The same goes for John, who can lift the closed Portcullis and get his team through objectives and map zones if they coordinate it.

Dodge and Parry

Dodging and parry are one of the best Hood Outlaws and Legends tips for personal skill level. Players who fail to dodge, block or parry correctly will find themselves losing many one-on-one situations.

Those who play Robin or Marianne will have realized they don’t have a block instead of dodging. Dodging in a certain direction makes it easier to avoid getting hit by John or Tooke. Players will want to jump to the side to avoid John’s direct hammer swing and jump back to avoid Tooke’s flail. As for Tooke and John, they’ll want to block as the bolts and arrows from Robin and Marianne come in to avoid the kite and trade playstyle.

In melee one on one matches, learning to block, and more importantly, parry is crucial. Getting in a parry guarantees you can get a light attack in, whereas a block doesn’t necessarily mean you can get a light attack in. Blocking is also a great way of avoiding either melee character’s heavy ability.

When players inevitably get better at using dodging and parry to outplay opponents, the mind game can work in your favour. You can always bait out at a dodge and then attacking to guarantee a hit. If Tooke can bait a ranged character to dodge backwards, they become easier to hit with your ranged heavy attack that travels in a line.


Without a doubt, these five Hood Outlaws and Legends tips are some of the best tips for new players and improving players alike. The sections offer new players essentially some key dos and donts, while veteran players can learn about in-depth strategy simultaneously. We hope you have enjoyed reading these tips and tricks for Hood. If you are looking for more content regarding improving your gameplay, check out our guides or Tier List linked in the article above!