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So many games have gone seasonal these days that it’s hard to keep up with which is up to what, when the current one ends and when the next might begin. So we thought we’d collate as many as we could and shove them all in one handy article that we’ll try and keep updated for you.

If the game you’re tracking isn’t listed below, or we’re a little behind on one or two details, please be patient or leave a comment below and we’ll fix things up as soon as we can.

Current Season Start End
Apex Legends Season 10 – Emergence August 12 TBC
Brawlhalla Season 21 July 14 TBC (October)
Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 – The Heat (19) July 30 TBC
Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 Reloaded July 14 TBC
Conqueror’s Blade Season 8 July 8 TBC (October)
Dead By Daylight N/A Day 13 ever
Destiny 2 Season 14 – Season of the Splicer May 11 August 24
Fall Guys Season 5 July 20 TBC (September)
For Honor Year 5 Season 2: Mirage June 10 September 9
Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7 – Invasion (17) June 8 September 12
Genshin Impact Divine Thunder July 21 August 29
League of Legends Season 11 January 8 TBC (November)
Paladins Season 4 February 3 TBC (February 2022)
Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Ranked Season 12 June 2 August 3 (PC), 12 (console)
PUBG Mobile Season 20 TBC TBC
Pokemon Go Battle League Season 8 May 31 August 31
Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 2: North Star June 14 TBC (September)
Rocket League Season 4 August 11 TBC
Rogue Company Season 3 August 10 TBC
Sea of Thieves Season 3 June 22 TBC (September)
Scavengers Season 0 July 23 TBC
Smite Season 8 January 26 TBC
Spellbreak Season 2 (Chapter 3: The Wardens) July 22 TBC
Valorant Episode 3: Act 1 June 22 August 24
World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 5 June 22 September 6
World of Warships Ranked Battles Season 3 May 19 / 20 (NA / EU) August 4 / 5 (NA / EU)


What is a game season?

Many games that offer some form of ranked multiplayer functionality – Battle Royale games, hero shooters, MOBAs and other MMOGs – have long implemented “seasons” as a means to refresh and reset interest in the game.

What does a new season include?

A new season will often start with a major update, often themed (or tied to some high profile entertainment franchise in the case of Fortnite), that brings with it new multiplayer characters, maps, weapons, and/or abilities. Typically the new content has to be unlocked by reaching specific tiers during the course of a 2-4 month season, which is often made easier or augmented by extra stuff if the player invests in that season’s “battle pass”. After the season ends, rewards are handed out, and the seasonal cycle begins anew.

Battle pass? Is that the same as a season pass?

Not necessarily. Season passes are bought to unlock downloadable content (DLC) that is subsequent to the initial release of a game. Season passes are typically bought for games that are predominantly single-player experiences, with the content being released within a game’s first year. The base game + season pass = “gold” or “deluxe” edition. 

Should I buy a game’s battle pass?

Only if you feel you will get value from it or enjoy the game to the point that you consider a battle pass supportive of the game’s ongoing development. Be aware that most battle passes are only valid for the season during which they’re bought. Check the game’s website for details.