How long is the Splitgate Server Queue?

We will teach you how to figure out how long the Splitgate server queue is.

Splitgate server queue
With a little bit of patience, you'll be able to play the Splitgate beta soon enough. Image via 1047 Games.

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Splitgate is 1047 Games’ massively in-demand Halo meets Portal shooter. Since 1047 released Splitgate to open beta in July, the game has had over 600,000 downloads across Steam, Xbox and PlayStation. Due to the game’s incredible growth, the developers have received major backing, along with severe stress due to overloaded servers. In fact, the beta servers are that full, 1047 has had to implement sporadically changing server queues to stop its servers from dying. If you are curious about how long the Splitgate server queue is, we’ll direct you on your journey.

Splitgate Discord

Splitgate’s Discord server is the best place to find out if there is a server queue or if the server is down. The server has a tab dedicated to an estimated wait time. You can also see green or red circles indicating if any specific queue types are online or down.

While the screenshot in our article only shows a wait of 20 minutes, know that we screengrabbed it during off-peak EU time. You can expect to see up to 100+ minute server queues at peak hours. However, do take the queue times with a pinch of salt, as they are only estimates and may take more or less time than expected.


Splitgate Server Status Twitter

1047 Games has made a Twitter account to post updates on their Splitgate server queue and status. The Twitter account only went up at the very end of July and isn’t that up-to-date. However, if you’re playing on a console and don’t use Discord on your phone, this is the best way to see how long the wait might be.

It is also important to mention that these server queues are only a temporary restriction while 1047 Games expands its server stability and its dev team. 1047 are currently hiring new server developers to take on the challenge of a rapidly growing game. As you can see from the Discord server, they are actively taking their servers offline for maintenance as they expand their server capacity. Hopefully, these server queues will only be a short-term restriction while the developers improve their capacity ahead of the game’s full launch later in the year.

It is also worth mentioning that 1047 is actively banning players for using “queue skippers”. So, if you’re in a queue, you should wait it out or see our Games Like Splitgate list while you patiently wait for better servers.