Gang Beasts controls guide

If you’ve got a beef with the controls in Boneloaf’s party brawler, take it up with us

Gang Beasts controls guide
Victory is at hand if you keep our controls guide nearby! (Image via Boneloaf)

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With its recent introduction to the Game Pass roster, Gang Beasts has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. The game, a multiplayer fighting game in which players control weak-kneed gummy bears, was originally released to early access in 2014 and became an instant success. However, the likes of Humans Fall Flat and Fall Guy (and Among Us, to a degree), have since made likeable, amorphous bipeds as much their thing. Hopefully, as players discover our Gang Beasts controls guide, the drunk Jelly Baby fighting game will find its feet once more.

Despite the game being available for Oculus Rift since 2016, in this Gang Beasts controls guide we’re focusing on the pancake version on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. With the Oculus Rift S about to be discontinued and the VR version of the game still laboring in early access, it’s safe to assume that Gang Beasts VR won’t be standing any time soon.

Main Controls

Mouse & keyboard XBOX ONE PS4
Up, Left, Down, Right W, A, S, D LS LS
Punch / Grab Left, Right LMB, RMB LB, RB L1, R1
Jump Space A X
Run Space A X Hold while moving
Sit Space A X Hold while still
Kick M X
Lie Down M X Hold
Headbutt / Duck Control B 𐩒
Crawl Control B 𐩒 Hold
Lift / Taunt Shift Y
Switch Focus RT R2
Change Camera L, R cursor D-pad D-pad


Mouse & keyboard XBOX ONE PS4
Dropkick Space + M A + X X + ▢ Jump, then tap kick
Backflip Space + M A + X  X + ▢ Jump, then hold kick
Powerslide Control + M X + B ▢ + 𐩒 + direction
Climb LMB + RMB + Space LB + RB + A L1 + R1 + X Grab L + R, then press jump

Game speed and spawning (PC only)

In addition to the above controls, PC gamers can use the following shortcuts to change the speed of the game and spawn props and opponents.

Speed up / slow game + / – 
Default game speed 0
Spawn force 1-2
Spawn props 3-7
Spawn opponents Shift + 1-8
Toggle day / night F1

If you have any issues with our Gang Beasts controls guide, don’t hesitate to dropkick a comment below. 

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