Fallout New Vegas Console Commands – Fallout New Vegas Cheats You’ll Need

If you are looking to cheat your way around the Nevada wastes, here are some handy heats for you.

Fallout New Vegas console commands
Looking to cheat your way through Nevada. Well, we have a handy Fallout New Vegas Console Commands guide to help you out. Image via Bethesda.

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Wondering the irradiated wastes of America in the Fallout games is always a trip to behold. Some of us might prefer the Capitol, while others the simple thrill of throwing bottle caps in New Vegas casinos. After a night of debauchery on the strip, you might encounter mutated ghouls, dried-up earth and a whole lot of noise from your Geiger counter. If you want some peace from all the despair in the Vegas wastes, here are some helpful Fallout New Vegas console commands, allowing you to cheat your way from rags to riches.

How to use console commands in Fallout New Vegas

If you plan to use Fallout New Vegas console commands, you’ll need to open the game’s console. To do so, simply press the backquote button or tilde key (depending on your keyboard layout). If you’re having trouble locating it, look just below the ESC button and next to the number 1 key.

Once the console is activated, a translucent window will appear, allowing you to input Fallout New Vegas cheats. There is no need to fret if you open the console during combat, as the game automatically pauses while the window is open.

There are many different console commands to try, with the full list available on the Fallout Wiki. Press the TAB key on your keyboard to get some help with console commands while in the New Vegas console, but note that they do not tell the full tale as it’s mainly for debugging. To make the process easier, the Fallout New Vegas console commands listed below are the ones you’ll more than likely be using.

Fallout New Vegas Cheats List

Name Effect Example
Add Item Adds a specified item to the player’s inventory. You can either search for items in the console or see the item ID codes over on the Wiki. Player.additem 0000432c 1

Adds a Fatman to the player’s inventory using this fallout new vegas console command.

Add Level Increases player level by one. player.advlevel
Add Perk Gives a player a specific perk.

You can either search for perks in the console or find a full perk reference table on the Fallout: New Vegas Perk Wiki.

Player.addperk 00165118

Provides the player with the Friend of the Night perk.

Add Reputation Adds or removes reputation from the desired faction. In order to reduce your infamy, you’ll need to type “0”  after specifying the faction. If you want to add fame with a faction you’ll need to put  “1” at the end. See example >. addreputation 000F43DD 1 5

Adds 5 reputation with Caesar’s Legion

Demi-god Mode Makes the player a demi-god, becoming invulnerable, but with the same ammo, reload and carry allowance as normal. tdm
God Mode Makes the player character invulnerable while God Mode is on, along with infinite ammo, no reload and the ability to carry unlimited items. tgm
Karma Adds or reduces total karma by an amount. Rewardkarma -50

Reduces player karma by 50.

Lock Change the lock difficulty setting of the item you are currently interacting with Lock 25

Sets the lock difficulty to 25.

Resurrect Resurrect the targeted NPC resurrect
Set Ally Set two factions either as allies or friends.(0 sets them as friends 1 sets them as an ally.) setally 000F43DD 000F43DE 1 1

Caesar’s Legion and the NCR become allies in this example.

Set Enemy Set two factions as at war or neutral to one another. (0 – enemy, 1 –  neutral.) Setenemy 000F43DD 000F43DE 0 0

Translates to Caesar’s Legion and the NCR becoming enemies.

Set Reputation Sets player reputation with the desired faction. The value has to be between 0 -100. (This Fallout New Vegas console command follows the same variable rule as the add reputation cheat.) setreputation 000F43DD 1 75.

Sets reputation with Steel Legion to 75.

Unlock Allows the player to unlock selected terminals, locked boxes, doors, chests and other secured interactions. Unlock – when interacting with the locked feature.

You can also find door IDs or locked containers through the search menu.

Weapon Health Set the health status of a weapon. This cheat is typically used to repair items. (Value 1 – 100) player.setweaponhealthperc 100

The current player weapon returns to 100% durability.

XP Assigns additional experience points player.rewardxp 1200

Grants the player 1200 XP.

Fallout New Vegas IDs

Some of the Fallout New Vegas console commands require an ID to work. Every item, faction, NPC, and town has an ID for reference. If you want to know the ID of an item, you can type “search” into the console. Simply specify what you want, and it should provide data for what you seek.

If you want power armor parts, type in “search power armor” to find the various power armor parts. All the search function does is match the search query with content in the game’s loot table. If you want a perk, for example, type in a name and perk at the end of the command.

Unfortunately, there are too many NPCs in Fallout: New Vegas to list, so we advise heading to the Wiki for NPC IDs. If you need the ID codes of the towns and factions in the game, we have them listed below.

Name ID
Boomers 000FFAE8
Brotherhood of Steel 0011E662
Caesar’s Legion 000F43DD
Followers of the Apocalypse 00124AD1
Freeside 00129A7A
Freeside thug 0011ACC3
Goodsprings 00104C2
Great Khans 0011989B
NCR 000F43DE
Novac 00129A79
Powder Gangers 001558E6
Primm 000F2406
The Strip 00118F61
White Glove Society 00116F16


With so many  Fallout New Vegas console commands available, we hope you enjoy cheating across Nevada’s post-apocalyptic landscape!