CK2 Console Commands: The Best Crusader Kings 2 Cheats

The console isn’t available in Ironman, so you won’t be able to cheat there…

CK2 Console Commands
This'll really spice up that map based gameplay.

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Paradox Interactive’s now free-to-play grand strategy game set between 1066 and 1452 was huge for the company, with the game about war, subterfuge and marriage between dynasties proving to be an unexpected and widespread hit with PC gaming audiences. With 15 CK2 expansion pack releases and full Steam Workshop mod support, you’d think Crusader Kings 2 players would never get bored of the dynasty simulator game at this point… after all, what more could they ask for?

Godly powers, that’s what. Here are the best cheats and CK2 console commands that will help you manipulate reality for your own ends.

How To Activate Crusader Kings 2 Cheats

To access Crusader Kings 2’s commands on a standard UK or US keyboard, you’ll need to open the console by pushing the tilde or backtick key. (That looks like this: [ `~ ] by the way.)

You can also use the section key (That looks like this:[ § ]), if you’re using a keyboard with a European standard or your tilde isn’t working.

  • On French keyboards, press Shift + !
  • On German/Nordic keyboards, press Shift + 3
  • On Portuguese keyboards, press Alt + 0167
  • On Spanish and Italian keyboards, press Alt + 2 + 1

Once you’re in that console menu, you’ll be able to put in all the CK2 console commands you want!

Useful Crusader Kings 2 Cheats

Now that you’re into the menu, here’s what you’ll want to type in. If you want to know a character’s ID, then use the ‘charinfo’ command. It’s also listed when you mouse over someone else to check their stats.


Command Parameter Parameter What it does.
add_artifact <Artifact Name> <Character ID> (OPTIONAL) Gives the selected character an artifact.
get_all_artifacts <Character ID> (OPTIONAL) Gives all artifacts to the person specified. If a person is  not specified then gives them all to the player instead.
destroy_artifact <Artifact Name> <Character ID> (OPTIONAL) Takes the artifact away from the character specified and destroys it
add_diplomacy <Character ID> <Delta> Changes a character’s diplomacy stat
add_intrigue <Character ID> <Delta> Changes a character’s intrigue stat
add_learning <Character ID> <Delta> Changes a character’s learning stat
add_martial <Character ID> <Delta> Changes a character’s martial stat
add_stewardship <Character ID> <Delta> Changes a character’s stewardship stat
add_modifier <Modifier Name> <Character ID>, <Days> Puts a modifier on a character. If you set the days to -1 it won’t go away.
remove_modifier <Modifier Name> <Character ID> Removes a character modifier.
age <Character ID> <Delta> Changes a character’s age.
banish <Character ID> (banished) Banishes a character.
cash wealth <Amount> (OPTIONAL Gives the player gold. The default amount is 5000. If you put in a negative number (for ex. -5000) they’ll lose it instead.
claim <Title Name> <Character ID> (OPTIONAL) Gives a claim to the character specified.
die Die of natural causes.
kill <Character ID> Kills the character specified.
piety <Amount> (OPTIONAL) Adds to the player’s piety. The default amount is 5000.
prestige <Amount> (OPTIONAL) Adds to the player’s  prestige. The default amount is 5000.


We hope you enjoyed our Crusader Kings 2 console commands guide. Tell us interesting stories about how you used these commands in the comments! —and if you play games like Fallout 3, perhaps we can interest you in a list of the console commands for that?