How to win a game of Fortnite

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As with all battle royale games, Fortnite is a game that requires the winner to be the last man standing out of 100 players and doing so is not an easy task. 

There is no secret formula to winning a game of Fortnite and seeing the words “Victory Royale” pop up on your screen; how you win is entirely up to you and there are several strategic methods to aid you. It all depends on your style of gameplay and what you want to get out of a game of Fortnite.

Of course, like with any competitive video game, Fortnite requires the player to set aside hours of time to practice and get better at the fundamental skills that make up the core of all good Fortnite players. These may include:

All of these skills take huge amounts of time to master, particularly the last of those, and so you should not enter a Fortnite match and expect to win straight away. Fortnite does offer an element called Creative Mode, and it is here that you should spend a lot of your time practicing your skills, if you are serious about wanting to improve and winning more matches.

For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on different strategies you can use in order to maximize your chances of winning games. Therefore, guides on how to improve and use Creative Mode etc. will be provided in separate pieces, so if you are already familiar with the game, then this could be very helpful for you.


Here are some basic strategies you can implement in your matches to try and get those Victory Royales!

Strategy 1 - Play it safe

This form of strategy is one that will certainly not earn you the respect of your opponents or friends, but despite what people think, playing it safe for as long as you can is a viable way to try and win a game of Fortnite. 

This does not mean that you can have to sit in a bush for the majority of the match and then pop out at the final moments to get the winning kill; although you could do that if you really wanted to stretch it, but you should aim to minimize engagements with opponents and avoid combat where possible. 

The method requires you to land in an obscure location and away from any of the “hot drops” on the map. These may vary from Chapter to Season, but as a regular player, this information will be readily available and fairly obvious to you once you are in game.

Once you land in an unpopular location, be sure to loot the area as best as you can and gather enough resources/materials you need in order to fight towards the end of the game, and if you run into some unanticipated trouble.

The key to this strategy working is that you must follow the storm and the circles as they are coming in. Move with the storm whilst avoiding it catching up with you and work your way in by remaining on the outskirts as much as possible. This will mean you have to get your timings correctly to ensure the storm does not beat you. Always aim to be one step ahead of the storm! 

Once you have made it to the final circles, find a place to hide and aim to remain hidden until there are only a few opponents left. Be sure to remain hidden and crouch if you have to, as you may be spotted from close distance by an enemy when the circle is smaller.

You should also note that footsteps are the biggest audible giveaway to players so be wary about how much you are moving and when you are moving positions. If necessary, try to walk around instead of run in order to mask your footsteps and prevent enemies from knowing your whereabouts.

For the final battle, you should aim to catch your opponent or opponents when they are weak. Immediately after a battle is a good time to catch an enemy by surprise whilst they are using Medkits or Shield Potions to revitalize; stroll in and fire with accuracy to take the final kill and get that victory! 


Strategy 2 - Kill everyone!

Now, this method of winning matches is a bit more complicated than the first and requires you to be an intermediate or expert level player to execute. Think of Keanu Reeves in John Wick or James Bond in literally any of his movies and you have got the right idea for this form of strategy.

You essentially want to be a deadly assassin in the game and be moving around the map with a licence to kill. Anything and anyone who you come across must be knocked, eliminated and sent back to the loading screen.

Now, this is a lot more tricky than words may be able to articulate it and that is why it requires you to have practiced enough before in order to pull off – but it is certainly not impossible. 

The way you have to think about it is this: if you win every duel you have all the way to the final one, then you win the entire game. It does not mean that you have to kill all other 99 players on the map, because that is virtually impossible, but by winning all duels you will eventually win the game. It is hard to pull off, but certainly possible.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the first strategy, this method will require you to land at a hot drop and it is at this location where you must be on form. The beginning of your match is the most important for this method to work, so you must be on point.

You must find a building to land at and try to loot as quickly as you can. You do not need to spend time trying to find the best loot and any weapon aside from a pistol is adequate. Even a pistol is adequate at times when you drop very close to an opponent and you need to eliminate them quickly. 

Once you have weapons to battle with, try and listen out for nearby enemies and begin your assassinating. The more players you kill, the higher the chance that you will pick up good loot from other players who have been fortunate from chests and random drops. 

Besides from trying to win all of your duels and kill as many people as you can, it is necessary for you to know the map and understand where to move depending on the circle. This is something that cannot really be taught and requires you to gather experience from more games played, so you will need to put in several hours of practice a day if you want this strategy to work.

Strategy 3 - Play with friends

Now this one may seem obvious and you may be thinking, does this really count as a strategy? Well, so far, all of the tips have been for those players who wish to take on Fortnite in Solo mode which is arguably the most challenging game mode to win in.

That is why we have listed this method as a separate strategy as sometimes, it may benefit you from hooking up with a buddy or three and diving into Duo/Squads mode in order to win some matches.

The key thing to remember about playing with friends is that you must work together. It sounds a bit cliche, but believe me, once you land on the map in a game of Fortnite, often our game plan tends to fly out the window and your brain starts to think subconsciously.

Under high pressure and tense situations, your body reacts involuntarily and you may not always be as collected as you need to be in order to precisely carry out your game plan. That is why it is vital that you work with your duo or teammates in order to win, as good morale between teammates will always benefit everybody in the squad.

If you are playing as a duo, then you should aim to land in the same building or at least in the building next to your partners. A lot of players make the mistake of landing at the same location but at opposite ends and what tends to happen is that one person may go down, and before the other gets the chance to get to them, their teammate dies or they die trying to get there.

A simple way to prevent this is to land with or next to your teammate and loot together. If you are in a squad, pair up with a friend and land as two duos. That way, if you need to engage in combat, you can attack together from different angles but with the help of your buddy. If you want to opt for a safer style of play, then be sure to gather as much loot and materials as you can – do not leave a single stone unturned.

The other most important factor to remember is to share your loot with your friends. A lot of people like to save the best loot for themselves and this does benefit you if you are the best player in your squad, but as a general rule of thumb, you should aim to divide loot as evenly as you can between your squad or duo.

This improves your team’s overall prowess and increases the chances of your team strength and aptitude at coming out on top if a skirmish breaks out. If you and your friends enter a build battle, you do not want a member of your team to be stranded on the floor whilst the rest of you are ascending with intent to kill. 

Contrarily, you could have one member of your team on the ground to act as a watchdog to prevent other teams from coming in and cleaning up your squad. Moreover, this player could also act as a decoy or as someone who breaks the buildings of your opponents by gunning them down. In any case, always be sure to divide your loot between everybody in your team, especially materials and health kits/shield potions.

When it comes to movement around the map, always ensure that you are close to a team member at all times and you should refrain from splitting up. The aim is to have as many members alive for the final circles as this will increase the chances of your team coming out on top, or someone from your team getting the final kill.


With all being said, that concludes our mini guide on how to win a game of Fortnite! Remember, these strategies are quite basic and apply to all players quite generally. When you boil it down to an individual level, different players have different ways to win games and as mentioned at the beginning of the article, there is no correct way – it’s totally subjective and how you want to win a match is entirely up to you.

Be sure to get enough practice at the game before you try to dive in head first as there are always going to be experienced players in your games. We recommend that you utilize Creative Mode as much as you can, particularly to work on your building as this is one of, if not the most important aspects of the game.

There is no skill ceiling for building and that is why you may come across those players who make building look like a way of life, with both precision and ridiculous speed. With all the fundamental skills aside, try to have fun when playing as that is the purpose of the game in the first place!


We hope this guide has helped you or informed you of things you didn’t know before. So, what are you waiting for now? Go out there and get those Victory Royales!