Medieval Games: The Popular, Upcoming and Best Medieval Games (2021)

Here are Gaming Verdicts thoughts on the best, popular and upcoming medieval games you should play.

Medieval Games Mordhau Knight
Here are Gaming Verdicts favourite, upcoming, or best medieval games for 2021. Image via Triternion.

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There are many different games set in medieval worlds, with some based on historical timelines, while others take the setting and create their own realities. Naturally, the medieval era provides the backdrop for many popular gaming genres, from fighting games to survival and strategy games. We’ve assembled what we think are the best medieval games around, as well as some of the most popular and upcoming medieval-themed titles charging our way during 2021.

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Fighting Games

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 is the latest instalment of the medieval fighting game, Chivalry, from Canadian Developers Torn Banner Studios. It launched in June 2021, with many gamers equipping cosmetics and jumping into new maps and reworked class systems. It’s already massively popular and looks to have a strong post-launch lifespan, with the developers working on enhanced crossplay, new maps, cosmetics, weapons and more. The game’s core concept is to battle enemy players in bloody melee combat, using different weapon swings, strengths, abilities, and ultimates to outwit and kill enemy combatants. However, if you want to be a cowardly archer, you can use bows and arrows, using experience and intuition to calculate range and drop-off rates.

For Honor

For Honor is a medieval fighting game. Unlike the more action-orientated gameplay of Chivalry 2 and Mordhau, the game operates more like a Fighting Game Community title, somewhat like Mortal Kombat or Tekken. Players get to take control of many different classes themed around elite troops from around the world, each having different ability combinations, playstyles, and tactics. If you want a 3D medieval game with the skill and button combination of a FGC game, then For Honor is the game to go for.


Mordhau is an indie medieval fighting game that plays very similarly to Chivalry. The game uses a similar fighting technique that allows you to swing swords, axes and maces around. However, the game has a more in-depth aiming system, with everyone having access to the same weapon swing system. Mordhau also utilises a feint ability that Chivalry doesn’t have and that makes encounters feel more tactical. If you’re enjoying Chivalry 2, Mordhau probably won’t feel distinct enough to justify switching over, but if you want more of the same (that’s a little bit different), you should check it out.

Strategy Games

Age of Empires 4
The Age of Empires series is one of the classic RTS games, getting a new release later October 2021. Image via Microsoft.

Age of Empires

Age of Empires is Microsoft’s flagship real-time strategy franchise that’s been around for a couple of decades. The game is as iconic as it is accessible, offering a mix of classic RTS gameplay (build forts, villages and armies to conquer other ancient, medieval and renaissance era empires) mixed with Civ-style progression that should run on any home PC. The series has endured many game releases, remasters, and relaunches over the years, but if you want to check out the most medieval of them, start with Age of Empires 2. By the time you’re done with it (there are dozens of campaigns within), you should be ready to tackle the latest title in the series, Age of Empires 4, due October 28, 2021.

Crusader Kings

Crusader Kings is a game series by Swedish developers Paradox Interactive. The game is a blend of RPG mechanics crossed with a grand strategy look and feel that takes in the entire globe (much of which would have been unknown to people at the time). Instead of playing a specific nation, you play an individual dynasty, taking on the head of a family or clan and their offspring when eventually they pass on. Ultimately, the concept is about ensuring your lineage thrives, either by building alliances with other great houses or religious leaders or by conquering your neighbors and rivals.

There are two very popular editions of Crusader Kings. Crusader Kings 2 is getting old in its thrones, but has a vast array of DLC, with so many different content expansions and features (and hundreds of player mods). Crusader Kings 3 isn’t as expansive, but offers a whole new spin on the game and is currently getting lots of love. Also, if you’re into multiplayer, then Crusader Kings 3 has a great functioning multiplayer, unlike 2. Either way, both are strong titles and work well if you like the idea of the game.

Total War: Medieval II

Total War is Creative Assembly’s world-conquering battlefield strategy game franchise. While the Total War series has expanded across many historical (and fantasy) realms over the years, Total War: Medieval II stands as one of the oldest and one of the only games to embrace the medieval theme. The game has lots of campaigns in the base game, but the Kingdoms expansion (available as part of the Definitive Edition) expands the battlefield as far as North and South America. If you ever wanted to command an army using realistic military battles, then a Total War title may be the choice for you. Let’s hope it’s not long before Creative Assemble announces Total War: Medieval III.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance Battle
Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of the most authentic medieval games available. Image via Warhorse Studios.

Conqueror’s Blade

Conqueror’s Blade is a game that takes the concept of medieval battlefields and sieges and lets it play out across a fictional MMO universe. The game aims for its player base to join guilds, with an aim to raise an army and conquer as much land as possible during each season. When a battle begins, players need to master their abilities, weapon proficiency and siege tactics and units to defeat the enemy and claim part of the game’s world for themselves. If an open world map with ever-changing dynamics is your thing, then this medieval game might be the option for you.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a Czech single-player RPG, set in mid-12th century Bohemia. The game tells the story of a peasant that rises from humble beginnings (and no small amount of tragedy) to embrace the conflict and turmoil of the age, with player’s mastering medieval weaponry as they fight alongside and against armies. It’s notable that as the game was being developed, the devs of Warhorse Studios tested medieval weaponry to get a realistic feel for the combat in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Their efforts were worth it as the game has a great sense of gritty realism. It’ll be interesting to see if the game succeeds on Nintendo Switch as it has on PC and other consoles.

Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is a genre-blending RPG survival game that feels like a 3D version of Crusader Kings, were that game as much focused on peasants as it is the nobility. The game’s core concept takes the player to a medieval village, where they must turn their impoverished town into an empire. They’ll need to cultivate the land, hunt, build housing, develop medicine and more, all while ensuring the survival of their house. Eventually, you’ll create both a strong settlement and dynasty. Alternatively, you can set your own challenges, either within the main story, through adventure playthroughs, or by trying the game’s creative tools.

Mount and Blade

The Mount and Blade series is developed by Turkish game studio TaleWorlds Entertainment. The game has the player start out as an individual character, specialising in different styles of combat, trade, exploration, crafting and other RPG elements. You can take on many different roles throughout the game, such as a caravan trader and manipulating the markets, becoming a business leader, and setting up workshops. Or, you can grow your own warband and lead your own armies to establish your own kingdom. If nation management isn’t your thing, then enlist yourself as a mercenary for an established king, earning lands and titles along the way.

The series has a number of editions and expansions. Mount and Blade, Mount and Blade: Warband and Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord are all different game versions. Bannerlord aims to be the most advanced title yet but is still in early access. Warband is the most developed title in the series, with many different multiplayer and single-player DLCs. There is a multiplayer expansion set in the Napoleonic era, with the single-player expansion using the Viking age as its setting of choice.

Survival Games

Going Medieval Farming Plots
Going Medieval is a new survival colony game with a medieval focus. Image via Foxy Voxel.


Banished is a colony management game, which borrows elements from survival and strategy genres to ensure the survival of a medieval settlement. Take control as a Village elder, and build houses, manage resources, and develop technologies to ensure your people advance and prosper. As idyllic as it might appear, the game has environmental disasters to watch for, like tornados, harsh winters and more.

Going Medieval

Going Medieval is a game that plays very similarly to Rimworld but aims to lock down the popular medieval mods that the game has readily available. The game’s basic premise is that you start with an empty plot of land with a few civilians, each with randomized skill sets. You’ll want to manage their areas of expertise efficiently, allowing those good at farming to farm, builders to build, etc. On top of those challenges, bandits and warbands will gather to raid your settlement and you’ll need to effect repairs and maintain sparse resources. It is a game about survival and strategy, but it comes with crazy storytelling offering a new narrative every time you play. Currently, the game is in Early Access but has an extensive roadmap ahead. Thanks to active and ongoing development, there’s always a reason to jump back in and experience this evolved medieval colony manager with RPG elements.

This concludes our round-up of the most popular, upcoming and best medieval games of 2021. If we spot any other amazing medieval games authentic to the period’s concepts, then we’ll add them to the list.